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Turn Resell Rights Titles into Unique, High Demand, Best Selling Products,

Resell rights products typically represent eBooks and software programs created by one party and provided for other parties to sell and keep all of the profits. Resell rights items can be sold in their own right or bundled to create a truly unique package that is entirely yours alone. It takes just minutes to create a fabulous information package that can become a reliable, regular, best selling product on eBay and elsewhere.

Resell rights can be used to create your own product, literally in minutes, and all you do is choose titles, bundle them, give them an eye-catching, order-pulling title and market them!

Other reasons why resell rights titles should form a major part of your product creation center:

* Most titles are very high quality, created by experienced writers, and come with professionally created sales letters and web pages for you to use.

* You can resell products any way you like, either individually or by combining several titles into your own unique product.

* It's the easiest, fastest way to start your own international publishing company, whether selling on eBay and other online auctions, by mail order, direct mail, on the Internet, or by any of many other methods you'll discover as your business progresses.

* No writing skills are needed, ever, and you can still market the world's best-selling books to countless eager buyers.

* You can start on a very low budget, sometimes just ten or twenty dollars for your first product and plough back your profits into building an extensive library of best-selling titles to sell as back end or lead products.

* The whole business can be placed on automatic pilot, both on and off the Internet.

* There are literally thousands of ways to market your products, making repackaging resell rights a very good idea, meaning you don't have to spend money or time writing your own titles when every minute is better spent marketing for bigger and better profits.

There are several ways to repackage products, sometimes including just one item you have acquired with resell rights, sometimes by combining hundreds of different or complementary resell rights items.

* Combine Two or Three Items WITH a Common Theme. This is based on niche packaging, and simply involves promoting a combination of much the same items other people are selling, all unchanged, but offering them in a different way which makes your package unique to your business. Basically all you do is decide on a theme, such as selling on eBay, gambling, caring for babies and children, pets, making money via various opportunities, and so on. This is how I created my most profitable repackaged item ever, called 'Multi Income Stream Business Systems', and it took me just half a day to create and sold well at $97 a time. The web site was easy and quick to create and all I did was list the items chosen for my package with a short description and pictures as taken directly from the web sites accompanying my chosen resell rights titles.

* Combine Two or Three Items WITHOUT a Common Theme. Here the products are unconnected, or perhaps a few connect, but there is no overall niche market underlining the package. The product usually appeals to marketers who need new items to sell and others who simply like reading eBooks without intention to profit. Packages like this can be fabulous best sellers especially where quality graphics are used to attract browsers to open your eBay listings.

* Bundle Numerous Packages WITH a Common Theme and a High Ticket Price. This repackaging technique provides lots of information about one specific niche market, like selling on eBay, gambling, and so on. People who are sceptical about you or eBay or buying online in general, may be reluctant to buy a high priced item up front, but they may buy a small low price item from you, whereupon you offer this more expensive at the back-end of that first sale. Can you see where the real beauty lies of selling really cheap items in expectation of more expensive sales later, potentially for years to come? Another major benefit of this packaging technique is that it is easier to make these packages appeal to buyers even if you lack copywriting skills yourself. With so many great titles, pictures and web sites available, all you do is use the graphics, write a few words about each package, then leave your pictures to do the job of selling. A massive jumble of graphics and a long sales letter make this type of package very hard to ignore and often leads to high conversion rates among people who earlier bought smaller, lower priced repackaged items.

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