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Go Beyond The Headlines and Hype - Do Your Due Diligence!

Whether online or offline, we are constantly exposed to all sorts of headlines and hype that try to grab our attention for one reason or another. It is important to go beyond the headlines and the hype, especially when it comes to business opportunities. The four examples below show that your first impression will often change once the real story is known.

Example 1 - Angry Wife Uses Scissors on Naked Husband!

What do you think of when you see a headline like this? The real story is not what the headline may lead you to believe. My wife is a medical professional, but likes to cut my hair at home. She cuts my hair as well as most barbers. One day, as I was preparing to get into the shower, she noticed that the haircut from the day before was not up to her usual high standards, which made her a little upset. She grabbed a pair of scissors to trim that one spot so that it would blend in with the rest. That's all there is to the real story. This clearly illustrates how a headline can be true, and yet very misleading. Headlines like this are a common tabloid tactic.

Example 2 - Only 50 Percent Chance The Sun Will Rise Again!

Would this headline get your attention? A few people might use twisted logic to tell you such a thing could be true. They say any event may or may not happen; therefore, it is a 50 percent chance either way. They might say it with such certainty that some people believe it without hesitation. The sun has been rising for at least thousands of years and any idea of the sun not rising tomorrow is totally absurd. Some people might use twisted logic to influence you, so be careful about believing everything you read or hear before you have a chance to check it out for yourself.

Example 3 - Any and All Credit Applications Are Accepted!

Would this statement from a radio ad get your attention? Suppose you wanted to buy a car and your credit rating wasn't the best. Would this ad make you think that your past credit problems won't matter? After all, a person with a friendly voice spoke the words in this radio ad and they sounded so trustworthy. Some people may not realize the truth right away, but the radio ad said any and all credit applications would be accepted. Nothing was said about the chances of the application being approved! The radio ad was truthful, but some people may understand something different than what was actually said.

Example 4 - Unemployed Man Earns $21,500 in 3 Weeks!

Does this headline make you want to know more? Do you think if an unemployed man can do it, why not you? The headline is true, but there is more to the real story. Although the man was unemployed, he had a large savings account, part of which was spent for an extensive ad campaign. Spending $10,000 all at once for ads made it possible to earn $21,500 in 3 weeks. Sure, he made some quick money, but knowing how much he spent on the ads makes the story less impressive.

The point of these examples is that the real stories are not always what the headlines or hype may lead you to believe.

Doing your due diligence before getting involved with a business opportunity simply means that it is in your best interest to give careful consideration to all aspects of the opportunity before making your final decision.

Check things out and understand what is expected of you in terms of time or financial obligations. Also, use care when you select the products and services used to build/promote your business.

No matter how impressive it might sound or how much you want to believe it, it is best to go beyond the headlines and the hype. Understanding the real story can save time and money, and help you avoid frustration and aggravation.

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