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Jump-Start Your Article Writing - Tips For Entrepreneurs

Information, much of it in the form of written content, is what drives the Internet. As a result, article writing is extremely important to Internet entrepreneurs who wish to succeed. But sometimes circumstances arise when the articles just aren't coming.

Writer's block happens to the best of us. I have cases of it all the time. I'll be sitting at my keyboard, staring into a blank screen, just hoping that a decent thought will jump into my head and I can start typing again. One minute goes by, then two, then ten, and nothing happens. Drat!

If this has ever happened to you, you know how frustrating it can be. In my personal experience, writer's block usually occurs when I have not adequately prepared myself to write at the particular time at which I'm trying to write. What I mean is, I have ideas for articles all the time. Unfortunately, they usually show up when I'm in the shower, driving down the highway, in the middle of trying to complete ten other things and something just "pops into my head", or lying in bed at 3:00am. But, when it's time to recapture my thoughts, when I'm sitting down and ready to write, nothing.

If this sounds familiar, if you're in a bit of a slump or can't seem to get or hold onto a decent article writing idea, here are some tips:

1) If you get ideas frequently, but can't seem to recall them when you need them, "sticky notes" and a small notepad work wonders.

I know, it seems ridiculously simple. No rocket science here, but I'm telling you if you've never tried this, it works. The problem is not that you don't have ideas that can be transformed into great articles. The problem is that you're not capturing the ideas you have.

Keeping small notepads (we don't want to create clutter, because clutter disrupts our ability to think and act clearly; a subject for yet another article) around the house, in the car, on your desks or anywhere else you tend to frequent, helps you to record important or creative ideas as soon as you get them (or soon thereafter). By taking time to "jot down" your thoughts as they come, you create a means of saving them; a record and a resource. Then, when you're in a position to do something with the ideas, or when your "well runs dry", you have a great tool at your disposal. (Note: Using a personal voice recorder instead of a notepad, will work just as well.)

2) If getting ideas in the first place is your problem, here are three quick idea sources: current news (What's going on that affects your niche?), industry news (What are the new/hot trends, what changes are occurring, what are people saying/doing?), and current problems or challenges your audience may face.

Each of these sources can be reviewed quickly without taking too much of your time or effort. They can each provide the "seeds" from which to generate interesting and helpful articles. In addition, don't overlook the value of your own experience. Your challenges, successes and failures are likely very similar to those of other individuals who are involved and interested in the same things as are you. Often, just writing about a subject and offering readers a different perspective can provide a great deal of benefit to your audience.

3) My final tip...Don't force it.

If you're experiencing difficulty with your article writing, walk away. If you're attempting to write an article and nothing is happening, STEP AWAY FROM YOUR COMPUTER (or paper or notepad).

Turn your attention elsewhere. Feed the cat, walk the dog, get some fresh air. Do something to break away from your writing. Engage yourself in activities that are completely different. Then return to your writing task with a refreshed mind and renewed energy. I believe you'll find that you can write. If however, your "dry spell" lasts more than momentarily, my advice is still the same. Disengage, even for a period of a day or two if needed, and completely immerse yourself in other things. When you feel refreshed, come back to your writing and begin again.

Although there may be similarities in the actions of individuals involved in the task, article writing is somewhat different for everyone who does it. As writers, we all have different routines, different rituals, and different methodologies according to what works best for each of us. Invariably though, at some point or other, every writer comes to a point when their engine stalls.

The best advice is to keep yourself renewed and refreshed on a regular basis. Avoid getting so involved in your writing (or for you who are entrepreneurs, any of the other gazillion tasks you perform), that you exclude all else. This will help you to maintain a fresh perspective, and that "freshness" will certainly be reflected in your ability to write, as well as in the quality of your writing.

But when a difficult period does arise, be prepared. Have the tools in place to help you to get your article writing started and going again. Hopefully the tips included within this article will help you to do just that. Happy writing!

Kimberly Clay is a successful business woman with over twenty years of experience and success to her credit. She is an online entrepreneur with a passion for educating and helping others to develop online success and create wealth. For more information, visit her website at www.GetMyWealthNow.com or her blog at www.blog.GetMyWealthNow.com

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