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Make Money Now Online With Reverse - Margin Marketing

Reverse-Margin Marketing might be your best-choice business model if your definition of "Now" is "in a day or two", and if your definition of "Money" is "a thousand or two."

Other models you could choose to make money now online either take longer or return less than would fit your definitions of "Now" and "Money".

One choice might be to market products offered by network-marketing companies, but they only pay once a month. The percentage of the retail price that would come to you is very small. True, your checks would get bigger as your organization gets larger, but then that takes longer, too.

A second choice might be to market products offered by affiliate-marketing companies, but they only pay once every two weeks. The percentage of the retail price that would come to you is much larger, but the number of sales you're likely to make is probably going to be much smaller--especially in the beginning.

A third and far better choice is Reverse-Margin Marketing. This choice combines the benefits of the first two while avoiding their disadvantages: your payment is immediate and is most if not all of the retail price. How does Reverse-Margin Marketing work?

Instead of buying a widget for $3 which you turn around and sell for $4, leaving you with a gross profit margin of $1, you sell the widget for $4 "first" and "then" pay the company $1 to fulfill the order "after" the $4 is in your bank account. After paying the company, your gross profit margin is $3. With Reverse-Margin Marketing, "you" are the one who gets paid first--and with the biggest piece of the pie.

Most importantly, your customer is paying you directly, not the company. The entire purchase price goes directly into your merchant account and from there directly into your bank account. You don't have to wait for a company-generated paycheck.

Reverse-Margin Marketing programs have another, very important, advantage. You establish "paylines" in the marketing process that produce additional revenue down the road. A "payline" is a revenue stream that is intended to compensate you for mentoring others who want to learn the business. The Reverse-Margin Marketing model acknowledges that your time and talents are valuable and compensates you for them accordingly.

As with many marketing models, there is an entry fee for Reverse-Margin Marketing. The "right" to resell the product costs money. In order to make money selling it, in other words, you have to pay for the right to do so. In this respect, Reverse-Margin Marketing has something in common with franchising, except that it's a lot less expensive, as well as a lot less restrictive.

The good news is that companies offering Reverse-Margin Marketing programs often have what you might call "sweat-equity" provisions which can be brought into play as a way of off-setting the buy-in. Personal production in the form of a specified number of sales up front, in other words, can usually be accepted in lieu of purchase money.

You may have questions about Reverse-Margin Marketing. Most people do, when they first hear about it, because it's so different from what they're used to. At the same time, they tend to be excited about it, too, because getting paid fast and getting paid well are two things that are very much on the minds of many marketers, myself included.

The quickest way to get more information about it is to go to your favorite search engine and type in the following phrase, quotation marks and all: "Reverse-Margin Marketing." This will weed out all the results having to do with just "marketing", or just "margin", or just "reverse", and give you only those results pertaining to the whole concept of Reverse-Margin Marketing, which is probably your best choice if what you want to do is make money now online.

Elizabeth Adams has been writing direct sales copy since the early 1990's, when she employed several people to handle mailings and product fulfillment for her postcard marketing business. Elizabeth learned in direct mail how to tweak her sales copy on the run and improve her sales conversion by as much as 400% in only one mailing. She learned how to write a great headline and effective sales copy. Get "Great Headlines - Instantly" today to learn how to do for yourself what Elizabeth learned in the trenches: www.elizabethadamsdirect.com/greatheadlines/

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