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Peak Cycles Are Driven by Timely Content

Free-Reprint Article Written by: Bill Platt (Revised for 2008) The very first time I had ever experienced this phenomena online was in December of 1996. In those way-back days, I ran a site focused on selling Christian t-shirts. Back then, I had posted Christian-based poetry on my website to draw traffic to the domain. Over the two days leading up to Christmas and the two days following Christmas, I had served as much traffic as I had in the previous nine months of existence!

Fast-forward to April 15th, 2004. I currently have more than one dozen articles on my website dealing with 401k retirement funds and 401k tax issues. These articles are the third most frequented topic on my site as the traffic is generated from the search engines. Beginning on April 12th, my site traffic started to climb beyond its average level. It then peaked on April 15th. Of course, the vast majority of this traffic was visiting my site to find my tax related content.

Although the traffic to these tax resources comes from many sites beyond just the search engines, as many people have linked to these articles, one site in particular is a tax-related site for one of my article distribution clients. My client had decided to leave his articles off of his site, and to link to his articles on my domain. Between April 12th and April 15th, my site received 448 unique visitors from my client's domain alone. (www.investsafe.com/articles.html) On the April 15th 2004, my site served 90% more visitors than is average on any given day. Four years later in April of 2008, the tax articles on my website generated another 600 visitors to my website, during the tax-time window.

So the lesson I have learned here is that if I have date targeted materials on my site for several different dates, I can actually draw more people to my site during these peak time periods. While the time-dated traffic may not generate immediate sales, it will allow me to garner more name recognition in the marketplace. Over the long haul, this extra recognition serves to generate more referral traffic that has proven to be the foundation for the longevity of my business model.

Bill Platt has been engaged in article marketing since 1999 and has offered his services to others since 2001 as a article marketing service provider. He offers article ghost writing and article distribution services, to his clients, many of whom have been with him since early 2002: www.thephantomwriters.com He has written an ebook to teach people how to be as successful with article marketing as he has been. The book has received many excellent reviews. Learn more about his ebook at: thephantomwriters.com/ebooks/article-marketing-traffic.html

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