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Four Obstacles Your Customer Wants You To Hurdle Before Buying From You

Hurdles stand in the way of every attempt you'll ever make to get a customer.

Your obstacles are:

1. No TRUST for you on the part of your visitor.
2. No NEED for what you have.
3. No perception that you can HELP them.
4. They are in no HURRY to act.

We can break these down into manageable segments.

When you're selling something online, you are a stranger. You are a stranger trying to meet and persuade somebody who has never met you (and probably never will).

Doubt quickly evaporates from the mind of your visitor if your initial approach is to provide them with something of high perceived-value absolutely free. It's natural for your visitor to have their defensive guard very high at first.

Giving before you try to take (sell) something is a great resistance-buster. A good item to give away would be a report on a popular and good-selling internet-based product or service that you have something about.

A popular product that you would enjoy owning and using yourself is a great one upon which to base your report. You'll find that this approach is the best way to overcome the obstacle of NO TRUST! Obstacle number TWO is the one of NO NEED.

The most straight-forward method of dealing with this no-need obstacle is to choose a product or service that has some great testimonials. Much good will comes from your providing free valuable information. This good will results in a receptive frame of mind on the part of visitors to your site.

Once you begin to elaborate on the virtues of your product, your site visitor starts thinking about the issue of (NO HELP) which is actually obstacle number three.

The mind-set of NO HELP is a stubborn one and hangs in there even though you have built up a good amount of TRUST with your site visitor. Sharing the success that others have found with the product or service remains a powerful persuader for you at this point. It should now start becoming apparent to you just how valuable it truly is for you to start out as an affiliate marketer using a popular product.

There are a huge number of things that are done for you when you are an affiliate. Order taking, shipping, complaints and returns. Moreover, a great and proven sales letter together with testimonials are in place for your use in obstacle-busting.

I am convinved that the absolute best way for you to enter the on-line business arena is as an affiliate using your website to promote a proven and successful product. Also, getting past the obstacles we are discussing is much easier for you when you are working as an affiliate.

You are now in the position of three hurdles down and one to go. So you're now faced with obstacle number four, which is overcoming the natural human tendency to resist buying through the rationale of NO HURRY! The best tools I've found to overcome NO HURRY are to instill a fear of loss that could be suffered if they don't act now. Your customer could very well believe that your product and your offer will 'always' be there available for them at some point in the future. It is your job to dispel this notion. Indeed, it could very likely not be available in the future, even the very near future.

Also, you can cultivate the idea that even if the product is available for the foreseeable future, the price most likely will never be as low as it is today.

You can effectively use both the price and possible future shortage thoughts to encourage your customer to act NOW!

Focus your plans beyond making one or two sales as we've been discussing. If you concentrate, instead on building a large list of loyal subscribers, your passive personal cash-flow will continue to grow. It's fun and financially rewarding (although challenging at first) to build an expanding list of responsive subscribers. When you do, they will be your asset for years and years. You will get better and better all the time at overcoming the four obstacles. As you do, your responsive subscriber list as well as your business and income will grow.

Casey Moher - [email protected] (801) 941-3334

Mr. Moher is a Registered Pharmacist and Life-Long Marketing and Sales Professional. You Can Get His Free Five-Day Mini-Course on Building Targeted Website Traffic by visiting: www.newtrafficmaster.com

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