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Buying Profitable Expired Domain Names-Part II

Buying an expired domain is an intricate and cumbersome process, when you do not know the fundamentals and techniques of expired domain name industry. Buying a domain expired domain name is a busy activity, when you apply your mind and intelligence to choose and later buy the most profitable domain name. However, understanding the intricate process and various options involved with registering an expired domain name could also be a confusing and misleading task. This little article will provide you the most basic and fundamental steps and procedures required while searching for a good expired domain name.

Before you buy an expired domain name, you will need to learn and understand the normal and usual expired domain expiration process for dot com and dot net type of web domains. Every domain expiring undergoes a series of steps eventually culminating in the final expiration. Here are a few of the mandatory expiration steps:

I Phase: You can register a domain for a period of one to ten years, during which you can have an unrestricted and privileged usage. To retain the privilege of using your domain, you will need to renew the subscription before the due date. This stage is the active phase of the domain cycle.

II Phase: Many times, the owner of the domain may fail to renew the domain name, because of some compelling reasons. At the end of the renewal period, a particular expired domain name will enter a phase known as On-Hold phase, when the owner will need to pay the renewal fees to the registrar to retain the ownership of the name. The normal time duration for this phase is about 1 to 45 days. This is the grace time period, during which the owner of a domain name can continue to use the domain after paying the required fees.

III Phase: If the owner does not renew the domain even after 45 days, the domain will enter a phase called Redemption phase. This phase lasts for about 30 days, during which the owner can pay a fee called redemption penalty fee to renew the domain name. The suggested fees may range from $100 to $200. During this phase, the owner can still have the opportunity to get back the domain.

IV Phase: Once the 30-day redemption period comes to an end, and still the owner does not renew the domain name, then the domain enters another phase known as Pending Delete phase, which usually lasts for 5 days pending delete period. With this stage, the domain may become out of reach to the owner and domain will be open for sale and subsequent registration on the six day from the date of pending delete phase.

Expired domains are the part of a dynamic and energetic industry. Dropping domains are becoming common everyday and the process of deletion of an expired domain changes often with the intervention of major registrars with the help of ICAAN. If you understand the process of deletion and expiry of an expired domain, then you would have taken the first sure steps towards your journey to online riches.

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