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How Anyone Can Actually Build A Six-Figure Income

At a recent job fair, I watched an endless procession of retiring military personnel, and contract civilian employees, parade past a dozen employers. Many of them filled out applications and handed them in to several of the bigger employers.

Many of them also talked to me, and I explained that when I retired from the military, I stepped right into a six-figure job that I had created, which has since grown into a seven-figure income.

The six-figure salary range was something a few of them "dared" dream of, but most saw it as impossible.

To an Internet marketer who understands the power of residual income, I know that earning six-figures per year only takes putting forth the effort to find fewer than 200 customers.

My secret is simply that I market items that offer a residual income. An example is the all-in-one video, audio, article, and press release submission service at EasyPushButtonTraffic.info

This service sells for $97 per month, and I earn 50% commission. To earn six-figures per year from that, I need a mere 172 customers (172 customers x $48.50 per month commission X 12 month = $100,104). If I gave myself a year to get those 172 customers that would equate to me just needing to find one customers every two days... with a few "fishing days" built in.

Given a quality product, any Internet marketer who couldn't find one customer every two day isn't really trying. Given a quality product, finding one customer every two days can be as simple as:

- Writing and submitting a few articles on the problems that the service solves.

- Creating and submitting videos on the problems that the service solves. Let those videos actually show you using the product to solve the problem. Nothing sells like proof that they can watch unfolding!

- Doing a press release on the problems that the service solves... pointing out a new and exciting solution.

- Visiting discussion forums where your ideal customers hang out, and just engaging in conversation, but posting links to the product that you're promoting in your signature files.

- Writing short reports (ebooks) on the problems that your service solves, spending a lot of time explaining why the readers really DO want to solve the problem, and then pointing out that your product is the perfect solution.

- Creating a blog on the topic of the problem that your product solves, and then frequently discussing the problem, your product, and people who have benefited from using your product.

- Writing articles and ebooks on related topics such as time management, website traffic generation, branding, marketing a product, etc., and in the articles and ebooks explain how your product is ideal for solving problems related to those topics.

As you can see, making one sale every two days is as simple as getting rid of all of your excuses, and then getting into action.

Yes, you do have to take actions that produce results, but most people running affiliate programs will even share with you what has proven to work best in promoting their products.

I actually market SEVERAL products that provide me with a six-figure annual income. These are all products that pay a residual income... products such as my shopping cart system, web hosting, and the video submission service mentioned earlier.

Getting back to those soldiers that I mentioned at the beginning of this article. ANY of them could easily take the product at EasyPushButtonTraffic.info and build a six-figure income.

I say that because I am a product of the same training that they've had. I know that they have the discipline, tenacity, perseverance, and resourcefulness to accomplish some very difficult jobs. Getting in front of one customer every two days, who is ready to buy, should be child's play to them :-)

Anyway, I've just shown you how anyone can actually build a six-figure income if they are willing to just drop the excuses and implement a simple plan already laid out for them. The only thing really stopping most people is that "very natural" 4-letter word... F-E-A-R.

We all have it. That's why many of us prefer working for others and letting the company assume the risk. Many of us also have courage though, which I define as nothing more than the ability to take action despite the fear!

Fear paralyzes many of us. Taking action lets us walk though that fear, and then look back and see that it has vaporized.

If you're ready to take action, and walk through your fears... instead of selling Internet marketing products that offer a one-time commission, consider the wisdom in offering the ones that pay a residual commission.

Remember that a $48.50 commission per month, times 172 customers, equals $100,104 per year. By the way if you'd like to market that specific product, sign up at: easypushbuttontraffic.com/epbtaffiliatepage.html

If you are just interested in using the product, then don't register as an affiliate since you CAN'T earn a commission on sales that you make to yourself. Allowing that wouldn't be fair to people who actually want to go out and build that six-figure business.

I HAVE just shown you how easy it really is. If you "hang out" with me at seminars and conferences, I could prove to you that I do this all of the time. However, this isn't about me, it's about whether you're ready enough to take the necessary action.

"It's decision time, soldier!"

Willie Crawford has been marketing over the Internet for 12 years. During that time, he has written over 1100 articles. Recently he has added multi-media and more press release to his marketing mix, with very notable results. Willie now loves, and highly recommends Easy Pushbutton Traffic at: EasyPushButtonTraffic.info

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