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Advertise on Amazon with ClickRiver Ads

I have to admit it. I'm a book junkie. I absolutely love books. Some people get excited by shoes or clothing - for me it's the printed word on paper. It's crazy I know. And like me, people who love books, love Amazon. It's your one stop shop when it comes to book buying. In the "old days", books were all they sold, now they also sell movies, music, digital downloads, computers, electronics, home & garden, groceries, apparel, and much more.

With such a broad shopping base, it should be no surprise that they receive more than 47 million visitors per month. Now that's a lot of traffic. No one does it quite like Amazon. Not only are their visitors Internet savvy, but they're in what's known as "shopping mode", not just "search mode" -which means they're actually looking to purchase something. This is considered to be a more engaged type of browser.

According to Amazon, the visitors to their site have the following stats in common:

72% Are Online Daily 81% More Likely to Give Shopping Advice 33% Are Business Purchase Decision Makers

If you'd like to "cash in" on these demographics and run your ads on Amazon's website, now you can. Amazon's shopping search is powered by A9.com (also owned by Amazon) and they offer their own pay-per-click advertising called "ClickRiver Ads". With this service you can place "sponsored links" on Amazon's search results and product detail pages.

So where do your ads appear? Text ads appear at the bottom of the pages that have related products to what it is you are advertising. For example, say you sell "computer training services". Your ads might appear on search results pages for laptops or even desktop computers.

When registering with ClickRiver, you'll bid on keywords just as you do with any pay-per-click search engine, but you'll also need to choose a category that best fits the services you offer.

Here are a few of the current categories available:

- Home Service Businesses
- Health and Fitness Services
- Education Providers
- Professional Services
- Automotive Services
- Pet Services.....

and many more. If you don't see an appropriate category for what you're offering you can suggest it using the link on this page tinyurl.com/59vuny

As with any pay-per-click program, you only pay for actual click-throughs to your website. Keep in mind that the higher you bid the more likely your ads will appear on a page. Daily budgets can also be set and ad campaigns can be started or stopped at will.

Another nice feature is the ability to target a specific geographic area. You can choose to target by zip code or country or anything in between.

For more information or to register go to: ClickRiver.com

In conclusion, the traffic on Amazon is an educated group of people earning an above average salary. They also are using the net daily and researching and buying products online. If you'd like to tap into the power of Amazon's strong demographics, ClickRiver's your answer.

By Merle- The Pay-Per-Click Authority when it comes to using paid search engine advertising. With helpful articles, how-to's and tips that will help you make the most from your advertising investment. Download a FREE "How To" ebook at.... www.PayPerClickResearch.com

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