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How to Fine Tune Your Domain Trading Business to Earn More Money

Most of us buy a good expired domain at a hefty asking price and add that domain to our ever growing inventory of domains. But, we also forget to work on them immediately to make them commercially viable and profit making. Failure to turn your collection of expired domains into commercial entities will lead to a certain financial disaster. Smart expired domain entrepreneurs make it a point to subject their expired domains to all sorts of monetizing treatments, so that they can recover their investment within the shortest possible time. Once you purchase your domain and register it with a registrar, you may wish to start working on it immediately.

The most common method to monetize your domain is to follow these simple steps:

a) Create a min site of a page or two and add relevant content to the pages. Once this site is up and running, you can subscribe the portal to a lucrative program like Adsense. Adsense is a famous web site monetization program.

b) Another intelligent thing to here is to attract web site visitors to clock on some sponsored advertising banner in the form of an Adsense box.

Tips: Ensure that you are using latest and advanced SEO techniques while inserting content.

Note: You may also need to check the accumulated traffic in your site. If you perceive that the traffic generated is disappointing, then you may need to change the content to make it more suitable for the advertising.

Caution: Whatever you do, just ensure that you are recovering the cost of maintaining your expired domains like annual registration charges.

When you host an Adsence campaign, you have to make sure that the expired domains make enough money. You may wish to set a definite goal for each of your expired domains. As a starter, you can set a goal of around $10 everyday for each of your expired domains. Now, you will need to work towards making your goals a big success.

Here is a simple income generation scenario:
Let us say that you have 10 expired domain based Adsense web sites. Your main goal is to earn about $10 per site every month. If you compute the monthly income, the anticipated value is 10 x $10 = $100 per month or $1200 per month.

Building traffic to your Adsense web sites:
Targeted content composed with relevant keywords is known to bring more number of visitors. The content that you insert must ensure the following two objectives:
1) What people are looking for right now
2) What are the most suitable keywords that an advertisers is likely to pay

Advertisers also look for those keywords that are in stiff competition among themselves; these keywords will get instant attention, as they are more likely to generate increased income. Keyword selection demand considerable amount of work and the most sensitive details include:
* Top bid price suggested by competitors
* Traffic generated during a given period of time
* Average traffic generated during the time
* Perceived advertiser's competition suggested.

Profitable keyword selection seems to be the ultimate success mantra to your expired domain trading business. Research efforts focused towards finding the best possible expired domains should be your top priority.

John Khu is an author and also a seasoned professional with vast experience in expired domain name business. He is also the owner of the path breaking web sites called www.expireddomainsecret.com and www.expireddomaingains.com which provides complete and up-to-date information on expired domains and their eternal secrets.

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