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SEO and Expired Domains - Partners in Progress

Expired domain name trading is not that easy as you think it to be! This is true especially when you have a domain that is not commercially feasible and viable. In general, the most common perception among people is that one buys an expired domain just to capitalize on the previous sites page rank as well as traffic. However, this seems to be the conventional way of thinking! Times are changing and they will change in the future as well!

The current buzz words are domain flipping, which means converting an expired domain into a viable entity capable of producing decent income for the owner. In general sense, an expired domain looses all its page rank and accumulated traffic, as soon as it drops and become defunct. It means that most of the expired domains in the registry are as good as dead and useless. Thus, expired domain industry is an intricate business, when you may need to try very hard to sell a pack of domain names.

You are indeed very lucky, if you are able to sell a domain name for a good asking price. However, it may not be the case every time you sell a domain name. Some of the domain names may fetch you a very small profit, while others may provide you an ample opportunity to earn lots of profit. Thus, you will need to find a suitable strategy to make your domain more viable and strong.

SEO is possibly the best known and well proven technique to assist your expired domain based web site to achieve that elusive commercial success. You will need to know the benefits and disadvantages of using this technology before choosing to apply its techniques. Major search engines never recognize expired domains and their backlinks and traffic. Thus, you may need to buy a domain before it actually expires and becomes defunct.

SEO technology works very well with your expired domains based web sites, just because you are starting afresh with new web site and a new identity. You will need to make sure that your web site is perfect with excellent content, as well as cleverly inserted Meta tags, to help your domain find its way to the top of the search pages.

On the alternative, it is still possible for you to find an expired domain name that boasts of traffic and incoming links. There are one or two minor issues here:

A) Domain flipping is a process of converting your expired domain into an entity like an active web site. If the expired domain name that you purchase does not relate to your business concept, then it may not be really wise to buy that domain, even if it has good traffic. However, you can still change and migrate over to the business concept related to the expired domain in question. Under such a scenario, you can always use the technique of SEO to make your site productive.

B) Ensure that the domain that you purchase has a clean record; some sites may have links to black hat systems and paid link web sites.

If these methods fail you, you may have to go for an expired domain that is capable of domain flipping and subsequent SEO promotion. SEO techniques ensure top placement in famous search engines, better page rank, plenty traffic and incoming links. Expired domains that are SEO enabled could bring you better income and sizable profits.

John Khu is an author and also a seasoned professional with vast experience in expired domain name business. He is also the owner of the path breaking web sites called www.expireddomainsecret.com and www.expireddomaingains.com which provides complete and up-to-date information on expired domains and their eternal secrets.

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