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A Baker's Dozen of Grocery Coupon Websites And Resources

Coupons, coupons, coupons. Have you got the idea?

In the past, many people read newspaper and magazine articles about and watched news segments showing others who often food shop for free using coupons. The average family often does not have the time to organize and purchase food in bulk to make such a stupendous leap into savings.

As a result, many people just either tune out the story or think that there is no applicability of coupon use in their own daily purchases or expenses. They are wrong because saving money using coupons does not have to be an all or nothing proposition. Even small actions can save families small money over time and big money on major purchases.

The savings are applicable to both services and products. This is especially due to the current state of technology and internet search engines, which allow for any major search engine to return a substantial number of hits to locate coupons.

The best place to locate coupons will often be the merchant's website site itself. You should always check the merchant's online store or web site. Usually on the front page is a reference to either direct savings or a section to click for coupons.

Another source for finding coupons will be coupon web sites. These sites provide both printable and online coupons for savings not only at supermarkets for food, household items and other goods, but also for retailers and service providers.

A Baker's Dozen of Grocery Coupon Websites:

* www.ShopAtHome.com/
* www.GroceryCouponsUSA.com/
* www.Coupons.com/
* www.CouponChief.com/
* ShortCuts.com (from AOL)
* www.GroceryGuide.com/
* www.SmartSource.com/
* www.ValPak.com/
* www.RedPlum.com/
* www.PPGazette.com/
* www.CouponMom.com/
* www.GroceryCoupons4U.com/
* www.CouponMountain.com/

Before you go shopping for tires, clothing, flowers for any occasion, sports equipment or make any other purchase, check to see if the retailer has online or printable coupons.

Before you hire anyone for any type of service, check to see if the service provider has online or printable coupons. Printable coupons are just what they sound like. You print the coupon right from your computer, bring it to the retailer and get a discount on your purchase. It can be as little as 5%, but in most cases it is up to 25% off your purchase or more.

Major retailers, book stores and most other merchants usually have online printable coupons. While they are not available from every merchant all of the time, you can find them often enough to save money on purchase you would be making anyway.

Online coupons allow you to show them at the retailer's online store and enter a coupon code at check out, which will enable you to receive the stated savings on your purchase.

In addition, not only can you find coupons for food and other purchases you make at supermarkets in your weekend newspaper, but also on online coupon web sites. Just a few minutes of searching any major coupon website will yield weekly savings on products such as cereals, contact solution, butter and any other item you normally purchase.

While not every item has a coupon available every week, the savings of even $5-10 per week can help you to save money on your food bills.

Printing coupons and using them at the store or entering a coupon code at the online site of a merchant is a quick and easy way every family can use to stretch available spending dollars, without spending a lot of time and effort to find those savings.

Coupons are truly the next best thing to having your own money printing machine.

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