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"Get Paid to Blog with Review Sites"

Have you ever imagined getting paid to post to your blog? Yes, you heard me right. Get paid for writing on your blog. There are many bloggers that are making a steady stream of income by utilizing "review sites". Here's how it works.

There are plenty of advertisers out there looking for bloggers to write about their products/services. Review websites bring both parties together, usually in exchange for a cut of the profits.

Before choosing a service to sign up with, make sure you read the terms of service to ensure you're picking one that's a good fit. If you use Google's Blogging service, some review sites won't accept you as they'll only take blogs hosted on their own domains. It's smart to read their terms of service first before wasting your time submitting. Research how you'll be paid and also how you'll be notified of new review opportunities.

Remember to maintain your blog's integrity by only blogging about quality products and services you believe in or might use yourself. Be honest in your reviews. You'll also need to disclose somewhere on your blog that some of your postings are paid for. Failure to disclose could possibly get you in trouble with the FTC who are looking at putting new guidelines in place. Take a look at- www.clicknewz.com/1891/ftc-to-regulate-social-media/

Let's review some of the more popular services-

1) BloggerWave.com- www.BloggerWave.com

Open an account and submit your blog. You decide what "jobs" you want to take on. You'll be paid via Paypal. Once your reviews are submitted Bloggerwave checks your work. Postings must stay on your blog for at least 30 days.

2) LoudLaunch.com- www.LoudLaunch.com

To apply, your blog must be at least two months old and you need to have a verified Paypal account. Add your blog for review. Once it's approved you can search through the database for available jobs and choose those that fit your website.

3) BlogVertise.com- www.Blogvertise.com

Register and submit your site for approval. Once approved your blog goes into what they call the "assignment queue". You'll be assigned tasks that you can accept or deny. The current payout is $4.00 to $25.00 per posting. Most blogs fall into the $5 to $15.00 range.

4) PayU2Blog.com- www.PayU2Blog.com

This service is looking for honest reviews by quality bloggers. Payout every two weeks via Paypal. Blogs must be at least 90 days old. It takes 2 to 3 days for the approval process. If you don't hear from them you were not approved.

5) SponsoredReview.com- www.SponsoredReview.com

Looking for honest reviews on many different types of products and services. Bloggers must disclose "sponsored review" somewhere in the post. Advertisers can find you or you can search for advertisers directly. Constructive criticism is encouraged in your reviews and payout is every two weeks via Paypal.

6) Blogitive.com- www.Blogitive.com

After the submission process, it takes about two days to find out if you've been approved. Once approved you can log into the site to see what jobs are available. Opportunities are varied and include cost per post advertising and soon ghost blogging, paid RSS and comment moderation.

7) Reviewme.com- www.ReviewMe.com

If approved, your blog will be listed in the marketplace and clients will purchase reviews from you. It's up to you if you want to accept those jobs or not. Payout ranges from $20.00 to $200.00 per review. Payout is monthly.

8) PayPerPost.com- www.PayPerPost.com

No approval process here. All blogs are welcome. Once in the system you'll begin to get offers. Bloggers set their own pricing, per link, per word. All offers will be emailed to blog owners. If a job is accepted you have three days to complete it. Payout is every 30 days for any monies earned.

9) BuyABlogger.com- www.BuyABlogger.com

Advertisers are not charged to use this service. Blog owners decide on what opportunities to take or not take. Once your blog is listed, you just sit back and wait for the offers to come rolling in. Your blogs pagerank and Alexa stats are displayed in your profile.

10) BlogPostsForSale.com- www.BlogPostsForSale.com

List your blog and then look through the marketplace for open jobs. You'll be paid via Paypal. If you like, you can add a badge graphic to your blog that says "Hire Me" to quickly find those who want you to write about them on your blog.

11) Smorty.com- www.Smorty.com

Smorty offers two ways to earn an income. Bloggers can write an opinion of products and services, or they can publish pay-per-click ads on their blogs. Your blog needs to be over 30 days old to be approved. The approval process takes about 72 hours. Blog owners can list up to 10 blogs under one account. When accepting a job you have 24 hours to write your post. Payout per posts range from $6.00 to$100.00. Posts must be a minimum of 150 words and not over 400. Bloggers are paid weekly via Paypal.

As you can see there are a multitude of services to choose from when deciding to earn some cash by providing paid reviews on your blog.

Remember, don't sacrifice your blog's integrity by blogging about something you really don't believe in. If it's related to your blog, and you think it's something that may be helpful to your readers, by all means that's the route to take.

Bloggers also need to add to their blog disclaimers that some posts are paid for, or some services require full disclosure from within the posting itself. You want to be ethical and honest, because if you lose your online reputation, you really have nothing left. If your readers stop having faith in you, they'll lose interest in your blog. It can take years to earn a reputable reputation and it can all be lost with one careless post. Just something to think about.

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