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Free Fax Trials - Are They Worth Trying?

Internet or online fax seems to be all the rage at the moment with both companies and individuals switching over to this more modern way of faxing. A major part of this change is all the free fax trials many online service providers are offering to get you to switch. But is a free fax trial worth taking or is this just another slick marketing/selling gimmick?

Before we can tackle this issue, you should first know a little something about Internet faxing in order to fully discuss your options. Online fax is simply using your email system and your Internet connection to send and receive your faxes. Your faxes are sent in an email, as an attachment, usually in TIFF or PDF formats - although there are countless different formats you can use.

In order to start online faxing, you have to sign-up to an Internet fax service provider who will give you your own toll-free or local fax number. You also get an online account or interface where you can store your faxes and you can also send your faxes from there. Your fax provider acts as your intermediary to handle all your faxes. Keep in mind, you can still send and receive your faxes thru the old traditional fax machine.

Why Are People Switching To Online Faxing?

One of the main reasons is accessibility, you can get your faxes anywhere you have Internet access and these days that's just about everywhere on the planet. It is truly portable since you can send and receive your faxes from laptops, PDAs, netbooks, cell phones... you are no longer tied down to only receiving your faxes at the office.

It is also paperless, inkless, more secure and much more cost-effective than the traditional fax machine and since everything is handled with computers and the web, there is no need for an extra fax phone line which can mean major savings for companies just starting up. Another major advantage, online fax is completely scalable for businesses, you can quickly add lines/accounts when you need them.

Free Fax Trial - Should You Try One?

Now most of the major online fax service providers offer you a free 30 Day Trial so you can check out their service. This is not exactly a bad idea because it is always wise to "Try before you Buy". You can test out the quality of the service before you sign on the dotted line.

However, since this will usually be a long-term business service, doing your homework now can save you major expenses over the long haul. Compare and shop around before you sign up for any given fax service - even if they're offering a free trial. One major catch, once you have your new fax number circulating with all your contacts, it might be hard to change it. Many companies will let you "port" your fax number but some don't or you have to pay a fee.

So thoroughly check out any fax service you're thinking of signing up for. Most monthly charges run around $10 but there are cheaper options out there so shop around if you're on a tight budget. Also find out the cost of extra pages - most companies offer 300 (incoming/outgoing) free faxes a month. Some companies charge by the pages, while others charge by the minute.

Overall, taking a free fax trial may just be your best option since you can check out the service before finally going with it; any issues with faxing, support or the service will generally be evident in that time frame. If the service is not up to your standards, just drop the service and try another, either way you can't lose!

To compare prices and services of the different Internet Fax Services just use this handy online Comparison Guide: www.onlinefaxguide.com/ Or if you want more detailed information on Internet Faxing try here: www.bizwaremagic.com/internet_fax_service_guide.htm

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