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How Online Marketing Consultants Can Supercharge Your Sales

Starting out it can all be so overwhelming. But it doesn't need to be.

We have to get our products or services exactly right.

Then we have to figure out how to explain them to others through our website.

We understand the reasons people should buy what we are selling. But can we successfully explain that to our website visitors in convincing language they relate to, instead of jargon and lingo related to our industry?

Finally, we have to develop an action plan to market online and within our budget, which is often limited when first starting our business.

And how do we develop that marketing plan? Where do we get the information necessary to formulate marketing techniques that will actually work for us? The number of sources out there is simply overwhelming!

This is when getting feedback from a professional outside our own industry can be valuable. You can turn to an affordable Online Marketing Consultants who understands and specializes in small businesses and new business start-ups.

What about Getting Internet Traffic to Your Site?

Some start by using pay-per-click marketing, like Google AdWords. The trouble is that AdWords can get expensive quickly. And it takes a LOT of time to set up and manage over time.

Starting out it may make sense to use AdWords. Plus, it can be a great way to test your keyword search phrases to find out which ones convert best. You can use AdWords for this purpose before beginning search engine optimization (SEO).

But ultimately...sooner or later...most businesses need to optimize for the search engines (SEO).

SEO can provide you qualified Internet traffic without per-visitor costs. Think of it almost as free advertising...well, free after the SEO costs in either time, money or some of both.

You should also utilize article marketing, getting your message in front of article directory visitors and ezine newsletter subscribers. This can generate faster sales, while you're waiting on your SEO efforts to pay off.

Lastly, for most Internet businesses, they should use blog postings or opt-in email marketing to stay in touch with their prospective buyers, using a soft-sell method, over time. If ALL you focus on are people who make a buying decision the very first time they come to your site, you're missing out on the great majority of sales you can make!

How Much Traffic Do You Need?

Here are some questions you'll need to consider when making decisions about AdWords and SEO:

1. What is your monthly sales revenue goal from your website?

2. How much traffic to your website on a monthly basis will you need to meet your sales goals?

3. What is (or will be) your click-through rate, whether from AdWords impressions or organic SEO listings?

You need this number to determine the total number of monthly impressions or search queries you'll need (for your AdWords ads and your organic SEO listings to be seen by searchers), to arrive at the monthly traffic number you need to your website.

4. What is (or will be) your conversion sales rate from your traffic? Again, you need this number also to determine the amount of monthly impressions or search queries you'll need.

Especially when first starting up, finding this type of data, evaluating the accuracy of it and then implementing a plan can be very time-consuming and can almost drive a person crazy!

There are a lot of so-called experts you can follow. But how do you know if they know what they're talking about?

And without having these numbers (at least good estimates), starting AdWords or SEO is like throwing darts with a blindfold on!

Again, this is where talking with 1 or 2 Online Marketing Consultants can help light your path. Your result can be more sales, MUCH faster.

Which Keyword Search Phrases are Right for Your Business?

Think of keywords as the windows or doors to your website. Without using the right ones for YOUR business, your website is like a house without windows or doors -- no one is coming in. Kinda the opposite of what you're going for. :-)

What makes good keywords for your business?

My advice to clients I coach is your keywords should:

1. accurately match what the search engine users INTEND when they type in their keywords to the services or products you offer (get inside their heads);

2. bring you enough traffic to be worth the AdWords or SEO effort;

3. offer affordable enough AdWords bid prices, if you're using AdWords;

4. have obtainable first or second page SEO results;

5. contain words in the phrases that suggest a searcher who is ready to spend money (unless you're offering something that is truly free);

6. CONVERT directly to a sale, a sales lead, a sign-up...whatever your goal is.

Wrapping it Up

Be open to the value affordable Online Marketing Consultants offer you. Someone who has already gone down the road you're on can help you avoid the potholes along the way. And those potholes can be very expensive...

There are talented advisors out there who understand small businesses and new business start-ups. And they price their services for these businesses.

Using someone talented, you'll almost certainly make more sales, more quickly.

And following that advice and the other suggestions in this article, your Internet marketing plan should be off to a great start!

Marketing online since 2004, Paul Marshall can help you market on a budget. You can learn about his affordable Internet Marketing Consulting Services (and d-i-y Coaching) on his home page: strategicwebmarketing.net/ You can learn more about Paul on his LinkedIn profile page: www.linkedin.com/in/paulmarshallwebmarketing and at Strategic Web Marketing.net.

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