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Online Fax And The Small Business Start-Up

Online fax does play a significant role in the start-up of many small businesses and companies, mainly because it is a cheap alternative to the traditional fax machine. Since everything is done through the web and with your computer, there is no need to have an extra phone fax line, no need for messy inks and toners or even paper for that matter; and of course, no need to purchase a fax machine.

However, there are many more reasons why many business start-ups are using Internet or online fax. Chief among then are the following:

1. Setting Up a business fax number is almost immediate and in most cases the set-up is free.

2. Monthly fax services on average are only around $10 a month, less if you shop around and find a good deal.

3. Online fax is completely scalable for your business or company, if you need extra fax numbers, you can get them immediately.

4. Online fax is completely mobile and available 24/7 anywhere you have Internet access, which makes your business more competitive.

5. Web or email faxing also ties your company into today's business environment, it's the modern way to fax!

Perhaps, another main reason many individuals and companies are turning to web or email faxing is because the whole actual "set-up" can be easily done. You choose an Internet fax service provider where you're given a local or Toll-Free number which you send out to all your contacts. You are also given an online interface or site where you can check and send your faxes. Keep in mind, online faxing uses your computer and your email system to do all your faxing - your faxes are sent as email attachments, usually in TIFF or PDF formats. Getting your faxes is as easy as reading your email. Should you need a hard-copy of a certain fax, you can just print it out.

In addition, what seems so popular with many small business start-ups is the whole PBX system, where faxing is just one component. With these fully loaded systems all your faxing, phone calls, voice mail, receptionist calls... is farmed out to a virtual service which handles all your messages, faxes and phone calls. For the small business start-up, using such a virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange) can be a real time and money saver since costs are significantly cheaper than going the traditional route.

This is a popular form of "cloud computing" which you hear so much about in business circles these days, but it is also one of the least expensive ways of setting up a new business, especially if funds and/or space is a problem. For the home business it can be a very beneficial and effective business model to follow and use. Actually, online fax may just be the ideal business service whose time has come. So are you or your company using it?

For more information on Internet Fax Services use this handy online Fax Comparison Guide to get your own: www.onlinefaxguide.com/

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