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Some Statistics About Cyber Stalking & an Effective Way to Stop it

The crime of cyber stalking is considered as a very serious problem in our society today, and it has affected a large number of people that use the Internet. When your email inbox becomes completely full of threatening messages over and over again by a stalker that has victimized you, every single time you get online, it can be an extremely frightening experience. Below you will find some researched data that was obtained in 2009 regarding individuals that have experienced harassing situations where they were stalked.

- 43% of victims are single
- 27% of victims are married
- In areas online that include instant messages, message boards, Myspace, Facebook, Craigslist, email groups, dating sites, and other areas, there is as much as 34% of all cases that occurred through the individual's email account
- 46% of the individuals that reported cyber stalking to the harasser's internet service provider (ISP) felt as if it achieved them absolutely no results at all
- 36% of all cases that were reported had stalkers that lived in the same country or state as the victim

Another statistic that has been found over the years is that there are more innocent victims every single year that become threatened or harassed by a stalker. There have been many people that find themselves asking if there is anything that can be done to put an end to this frustrating and frightening problem. The good news is there is a solution that is available.

A reverse email look-up is a beneficial procedure that is performed by knowledgeable professionals that can obtain several different pieces of very helpful information that can ultimately reveal the true identity of the stalker that is invading your email inbox. You should never even consider the idea of ignoring continuous emails being sent to you by a threatening stalker when you can obtain the full name, the contact telephone number, physical address where they reside, information about their employment, their internet activity and websites they visit, their Internet Service Provider (ISP), and several other pieces of valuable information that can identify the individual responsible for cyber stalking you.

In most cases it only takes around 24 hours before you can receive informative details about the items that were found during the reverse email look-up the experienced investigator performs. There are, however, some instances where the process may take as long as 14 days. A person should never just ignore cyber stalking, as it is a serious problem and the guilty party needs to be identified.

About the Author:

Ed Opperman is President of Opperman Investigations Inc.If you need help with a cyber stalking investigation visit www.emailrevealer.com

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