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Has Twitter Become A Playground For The Spammer

Twitter is bigger than ever and all you hear about is people tweeting this and tweeting that but I ask myself this, is Twitter really that valuable anymore? The people who I have chosen to follow seem to only use it to spam everybody so why should I use Twitter anymore?

When Twitter was originally launched it was supposed to be a social networking platform whereby people could keep in touch quickly through a short sentence about what they were doing at that point in time. At the top of your Twitter page you can clearly see the question what's happening? You then get 140 characters to supposedly tell people what you are up to right at that moment.

This was obviously a great idea and people got onto it straight away. Twitter soon became the social networking platform to be involved with and celebrities soon started competing with each other as to how many followers they could get. For us mere mortals it was kind of nice to get a little insight into what our favourite celebrities were up to on a minute by minute basis. It kind of mind us feel a little bit better knowing that Steve Fry had just been to the toilet or Ashton Kucher had just kissed Demi Moore. Celebrities became normal people again to us.

It didn't take long for all of that to change and for the spammers of the world to recognise an opportunity to reach vast amounts of people in an almost instant timescale and so it began. More and more Twitter was and still is being used as a tool to advertise websites, products service etc other than what it was intended for.

I think you can agree that in reply to the question what's happening? An answer of Wordpress quick tip click here isn't really acceptable and tweets like this should be banned as they are an obvious attempt to get users to visit a webpage rather than give an insight into what that person is actually doing.

If you set a Twitter account up under your own name your tweets should be about you and what you are doing rather than what product you are selling or which website you are promoting at the time. Twitter should introduce two types of accounts that allow choice to be brought back into the equation. Corporate and personal accounts would solve all of these problems. If a person wants to be advertised to they could sign up to a particular corporate account and if they want to know what a person is doing constantly they can sign up to a personal account.

By introducing Corporate and personal Twitter accounts and policing them Twitter would again become a reputable social networking platform instead of it being the spammer's playground that it has become. Sorry Twitter.

About the Author:

Written by Jamie Lyons on behalf of www.majlaw.co.uk.

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