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Submitting Websites to Search Engines

Whilst there are many ways to get your website noticed arguably submitting your website to a search engine is the best. What is the best way to get your website to the attention of the Search Engines? The first thing to beware of are companies that promise automatic submission to hundreds of search engines. In the main these promises are false. Maybe there are companies that can achieve this but to be honest I have yet to find one. Frankly the best way is to submit your website to search engines is to do it yourself or alternatively hire an expert to manually contact search engine companies and/or directories on your behalf. Whatever you do you should refrain from submitting an incomplete website. You must ensure that your website is finished to a professional standard.

The right keywords, good graphics and certainly relevant content are all important. Take time to get it right and ensure that all the pertinent information is included especially your name and contact information!

However submitting your website to a search engine company will not guarantee that it will be listed immediately or that the ranking (position on site) will be high. There are thousands of new websites completed every day so it could take time for your site to be reviewed.

Please remember to include a site map of your website. This will make crawling by the web robots easier. In fact some search engine companies like Google may not even consider submissions without sitemaps.

So what is a sitemap?

A sitemap is normally one page (although sometimes a group of pages) which lists all or at least most of the pages on your website. Basically you can think of a sitemap as being similar to the index showing the chapters of a book. The reason it is important is that the crawlers can search out the website easier using the site map (index) i.e. they look at the titles of each "chapter" of your site to get the general "feel". This enables them to categorise your site correctly. Please see the separate report on this subject.

I mentioned above that it is not advisable to use companies that promote automatic submission of your website to search engines. However that doesn't mean that you should ignore the many online companies that do provide search engine submission services. There are software packages available that enable you to do your own submissions or if you want professional help then this is available on line too. Just avoid the" automatic" promotions.

There are thousands of search engine and directory companies to which you can submit your website including some of the best known like Google and Yahoo. Just do a search on the web.

So my advice is to make sure that your website is submitted to as many search engines as possible. Bear in mind though that a poor website can do damage to your image/brand so ensure that you do due diligence before submitting. Take your time, learn as much as you can first then send your professional site for all to see and begin your journey to success.

You CAN do it To YOUR Success

John Beaumont ( Internet Marketer)

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