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SEO Mistakes To Be Avoided

As a beginner in search engine optimization, it is easy to make some of the most common mistakes people make. In short, search engines are designed to respond only to the websites and its pages, not to your lack of experience in creating them. This often leads to individuals who have the willingness to do really well and have all the right intentions but seem to be lacking in the actual ability to put together an effective website. That leads to mistakes. The following are some of the most common mistakes individuals make when designing their websites.

1, Design your site for your readers not for your search engines. Be sure that every page is designed to be easy to read and highly effective so that your readers will benefit from it first off.

2, Do not spend so much time on keyword research that you waste time getting your site up. The bottom line is that it takes time for any site to rank well in the search engines and it is unlikely that spending months and months on keyword research is going to help it.

3, Do not over use keywords. Choose the top keywords for each of the pages based on the actual content and the research you have done. Do not use dozens of keywords on each page. It will hurt your rankings, not help them.

4, Do not create a site that is boring or does not have a personal touch. The most effective websites are those that fill a need, answer a question or solve a problem from a personal approach. Get involved in sharing your knowledge with others.

5, Avoid spamming other websites or blogs to get links to your site. Too many links found on the wrong types of sites will not help you to build your business but will in fact hurt your business in the long term.

Do take the time to learn all you can about search engine optimization and how to use it effectively. It will help you to build an effective website that performs as you would like it to. Keep in mind that your goal is not to just rank well in the search engines but it is to increase traffic on a regular basis. You can only do that with a website that is designed to meet your reader's particular needs rather than the needs of the search engines.

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Full time mum and full time Internet Marketer helps many of like minded people trying to succeed online. To learn how you can build and grow your own online business with my step by step action plan visit footsteps-to-your-success.com

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