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Internet versus Traditional Marketing - Advantages of Internet Marketing

The World Wide Web is becoming available to a larger group of people every day and it has become possible for people to reach others with simply the click of a button. It is important for each individual business to determine, however, how well the Internet will help them to market their product and obtain clients.

The main advantage of Internet marketing is the wide audience it reaches (a global audience). When you advertise on the Internet, you can capture the attention from people all over the world and expand your product in a bigger way than with any other marketing method. Most people use the Internet today, while less people listen to the radio constantly, read magazine adverts or show interest in television advertisements. Snail-mail no longer reaches people effectively and people concentrate more on driving than looking at billboards or street posters. You can send hundreds of e-mails in the time it takes to make a phone call and thus it makes more sense, regarding time and money, to market products online.

Online marketing is fast and extremely easy to do. It saves money compared to other forms of marketing, because where you would pay to print thousands of posters or pay per second on television, with Internet marketing, you pay for a single link, pop-up or banner. This element can be expensive, but ultimately you will save - the more popular the website, the more expensive it will be to advertise on it. Any business - no matter how big or small - can advertise on the Internet.

Internet marketing can, unlike most traditional forms of marketing, reach your specific target audience. By sending e-mails, you can immediately reach thousands of people with certain preferences. People can sign up to your services and give you permission to send them promotional mailers and adverts.

Through e-mails, you can also include links to your website and thus market yourself further by providing more details and particulars about your business and products. Another way of reaching your preferred target market is advertising on a website where your product gets the most attention. For example, if you sell beauty products, place your adverts on websites where people will go to look for this specific product. However, it is important to make sure your audience is technically clued up enough to access your adverts and make sure you do not conduct your promotions in an unethical way or through Spam. If your ads are professional, presentable and follow an ethical code, your Internet promotions will most surely be successful.

Another great advantage of Internet marketing is that you can create your own website that allows customers to type in or indicate their preferences and products they most enjoy. A website can obtain preference information from sites, especially social networking sites and thus send proper, ideal adverts to a specific audience. Businesses are able to create online surveys to further determine what the public and consumers want and need out of their products.

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