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Four Tips On How To Write Keyword Rich Articles

Most article marketers would like their articles to rank in the search engines. But many are disappointed when they see this is not the case, and often it is because they did not put the right keywords in their article. Here are four tips for writing keyword rich articles.

1. Target long-tail keywords

You'll have a higher probability that your article will get ranked high if you target long-tail keywords. Even if they have only a few searches per day, you can still have a lot of traffic if you have many articles ranked for this type of keywords. You will find them with the free Google keyword tool or other keyword research tools.

2. Put related terms in your article

Search engines are robots, and you need to tell them what your article is about. Your main keyword is not enough. If they can also find the related terms around the main keyword, they will know what your article is about and you increase your chances that it will rank. How do you find related terms? Just do a Google search with your main keyword and on the left click on related searches. Your related terms are the bold words that appear in the related searches results. Put some of them in your content, this is great for the seo of your article.

3. Don't bother about keyword density

Keyword density does not matter, so do not bother counting how many times your keywords appear in your article. Just write your main keyword twice and related terms once and you're good to go. Search engines, especially Google, have sophisticated algorithms and will easily know what your article is about provided that you follow the following rules: put your main keyword in the title, in the first 50 words of your article body, once more in the body, and then add related terms once.

4. Add your keywords so that the article makes sense

Sometimes when you target long-tail keywords it can be difficult to integrate them in your content. You should always make sure that what you are writing makes sense. If you want to add a keyword that does not fit well in your content, such as "keyword rich article write" for instance, remember that stop words (words like a, an, and, the) do not count for Google, so if you put "find a keyword rich article and write" your content, that's perfectly fine.

Writing keyword rich articles does not have to be complicated if you follow these simple article writing tips.

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