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So Long Orumieh (Rezaiyeh) Lake

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When I was growing up in Iran, one of the places I always wanted to visit the Orumieh (Urmia) lake in the north-western part of the country. The lake was known as Rezaieh lake prior to the Islamic revolution in the country.

People had amazing stories of biodiversity and beauty in and around the lake. The lake, the biggest in Middle East, was apparently so salty that one couldn't even sink in it.

Unfortunately I never got the chance to visit this beautiful part of Iran and the Orumieh lake and apparently I will never have that opportunity. As it turns out the lake seems to be drying up and disappearing forever, thanks to mismanagement, excessive development, and environmental factors.

It takes humanity to destroy such beauty. Shame 🙁

Picture courtesy of TIME's Timelapse project, powered by Google.


1 Comment

  1. Hello Dear Robert,
    I found your blog post very casual when I was looking for something else about web developing pages.
    I live near of Razaiyeh Lake.
    Good lock Countryman..

    Comment by navid — March 14, 2016 @1:15 am


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