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Resize/Scale/Zoom Image or Photo Dimensions in Browser

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I donโ€™t recall if Picasa, the predecessor to Google Photos, had a way to shrink or enlarge photos, but Google Photos doesnโ€™t have this feature. By shrink or enlarge I donโ€™t mean changing the file size, I mean actually changing the dimensions of the entire photo, as in its height and width. For example, changing — Continue reading ยป

Cloudflare DDoS Mitigation

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A part of my day job involves managing various servers and web services. There was a time that dealing with DDoS attacks was a mega stressful event that could last from hours to days. It generally involved waking up to the boss or team members or automated alarms messaging me about dead services, followed by — Continue reading ยป

Did Elon Musk Suspend My Twitter App?

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This blog runs on WordPress and, as evident, itโ€™s updated infrequently, like one or two new posts per month. There are only a handful of plugins installed on it and one is used to auto-submit new posts to my low-activity Twitter account, @hashemian. In fact, the only activity on my Twitter account is the new — Continue reading ยป

Email Forwarding Fail and Return to The Legacy G Suite

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About a year ago Google announced the sunsetting of the Legacy G Suite product that was available free of cost to users who had signed up for it many years ago. The idea was to force the freeloaders to migrate to the paid Google Workspace service. Many users, myself included, were dismayed with the announcement, — Continue reading ยป

NYC / Manhattan From Up Above

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Sometimes one needs to be at the right time, the right place, with the right weather. That was the case for me on a recent business trip on a JetBlue flight from Westchester, NY to Florida. The plane took off heading south and within 10 minutes at 10,000ish feet spectacular aerial New York City scenes — Continue reading ยป

The Ignoble End of AmazonSmile

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Iโ€™m not a huge fan of Amazon, given my past experience with the company but, as the largest retailer in the world, itโ€™s sometimes impossible or impractical to avoid it. The AmazonSmile program had made it more tolerable for me to, on occasion, order products from the smile.amazon.com URL instead of the customary www.amazon.com. At — Continue reading ยป

Sneaky Ads in Email Inbox

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There was a time, not so long ago, when a sizeable portion of online advertising was a slimy business. Websites had popups, pop-unders, hidden click layers, gateway pages, and many more tricks we have forgotten about. Thatโ€™s a good thing that we canโ€™t remember so many of those deceptive practices. It means the industry has — Continue reading ยป

Cloudflare One-Step Under Attack Mode For Multiple/All Zones

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The explosive surge in online hacks and attacks has forced may sites to seek out ways to mitigate such threats. Cloudflareโ€™s Firewall is an indispensable tool to protect sites or specific assets within sites from online threats, specifically the automated threats known as bots that relentlessly scan sites for vulnerabilities and exploits. The JS Challenge — Continue reading ยป

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