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by: Hans on 2024-02-07 06:58:07
use withiun atea vpn or office!
by: uday on 2023-11-26 01:35:07
it works!!
by: Misha on 2022-04-10 03:37:39
Many thanks, useful as a reference!
by: Otso on 2022-02-06 13:36:20
Yeah this works fine ;)
by: Taneli on 2021-04-23 18:45:34
Thank you for this great service :)
by: Deeex on 2021-03-27 20:19:29
Nice one. Great site. Perfect info
by: Brolaren on 2021-02-27 19:04:26
Good to know ;)
Thank you!

by: Serge Bateaux on 2021-01-23 03:20:54
Great Website! Great free service. Thank you a lot and best regards from Switzerland.

by: Abdul Rahim Bakar on 2020-08-02 11:54:53
T.Q. Great site. Greeting from I.P. Japan..hahaha.
by: jonny rocket on 2020-07-12 19:04:14
this is all wrong. fail.
by: phetlovevy on 2019-09-09 03:05:54
very good.haha
by: Matey on 2019-08-10 03:30:24
Great Linux tool available via Windows machine! Can't beat that!
Thank You!

by: Dan on 2019-05-11 18:36:12
Very useful, thank you for creating/hosting this tool.
by: James Fuchs on 2019-02-06 20:15:42
Awesome tool. It is people like you who create a thriving environment for people to learn in. Thank you sir.
by: Steel on 2017-10-31 14:15:25
thanks for the tool! it works well!
by: Enigma on 2017-03-27 03:43:18
According to these results I am everywhere.
by: a simple user on 2017-01-21 18:43:44
very cool tool indeed! Thanks for programming it!
by: Mark L on 2016-08-06 17:24:00
This is a handy tool. Thanks for the effort!
by: Moheet on 2016-05-17 01:33:14
Great tool. Thank you!
by: # on 2015-10-13 11:05:15
Happy to give up @
by: Alexey on 2015-06-27 11:11:29
You can send http requests with via GET, PUT, POST, DELETE and others methods and then you get response with http headers and body (if exists).
by: rh [admin]Site Admin on 2015-02-17 15:46:12
@Crashman, I do this for fun and education and people using them is appreciation enough. thanks for the kind comment.
by: Crashman on 2015-02-13 05:43:47
Thanks coding & hosting all these great free services, Mr. Hashemian! If everybody who used them would just drop you 1 line of appreciation, your comments log would have to be kept on a terbyte-level drive...
by: Fred Morgan on 2014-03-20 09:27:27
Thank you so much for this great facility.
I have used it many times and save me a lot of messing around

by: TorUser on 2014-03-08 23:20:21
Great free service; it comes in handy often. You should take bitcoin donations!
by: al9ayaad on 2013-05-21 02:15:04
Pretty cool to see where my connection dumps out when I'm on the Tor network!
by: davidj2 on 2013-02-23 20:13:13
Thank you for this service. I use it often.
by: ahc on 2011-12-20 02:51:26
How can i get information on these for IPv4 and IPv6,

IP, subnet mask, primary gateway, preferred DNS and alternate DNS.

by: Alena on 2011-12-10 19:27:52
strange referrer ;)
by: Sonny on 2011-11-30 14:23:05
The paragon of understanding these iusses is right here!
by: Ed on 2011-10-05 20:02:42
by: Thom on 2011-09-14 13:36:16
It was successful in retrieving the browser, country location among others but it isn't right with the IP
My was but u retrieved

That is because that 10.x.x.x is your private network address and is your public address

by: John on 2011-09-20 21:27:47 thanks for this great tool!
by: Jimmy on 2011-09-20 21:26:29
very very useful!
by: Thom on 2011-09-14 13:36:16
It was successful in retrieving the browser, country location among others but it isn't right with the IP

My was but u retrieved

by: ptah on 2011-08-30 11:36:46
Who cares about the next version of windows? The next version of Ubuntu Linux relevant.
by: A. S. M. Hossain on 2011-06-20 04:12:39
Now-a-days it’s a burning question that when the next version of Microsoft windows will be released and what will be the name. Rumors say that the time will be 2012 or 2013 and the name will be windows 8 as it is the next version of windows 7.To know the latest and recent news about windows 8 visit
by: Fortunbas on 2010-08-09 22:13:27
When did American accent become different from British??
Interesting read

Fortunbas Soulsender
85th Sorceror Antonius Bayle

by: rh [admin]Site Admin on 2010-06-04 20:44:41
@kate: agreed, but i try to be democratic here so i leave be the occasional irrelevant comments. if they get too unruly or egregious, then i may delete. thanks.
by: Kate on 2010-05-28 23:50:31
Fantastic site but I would delete the immature and racist comments if I owned it. Ridiculous that this comment area turned into politcal bashing.

Go somewhere that is appropriate and show off your COMPLETE idiocy. Or don't you know HOW to do that?

PS: Your not that powerful to have Obama as your "bitch." Obama didn't create Al-Qaeda or the other groups--WHAT planet are you from?!!! Many dim-witted comments--lac

by: caj0ler on 2010-03-16 03:46:56
Very handy indeed. Thanks a lot, Sir.
by: aeon on 2009-11-22 09:48:20
Thanks for the whoami service man, handy stuff..
by: mom on 2009-11-10 11:26:21
Amazon ads bork the layout!
Mobile version?

by: Liam on 2009-09-12 19:54:14
Tim Berners-Lee didn't invent the internet. He invented the World Wide Web. vhunter is right about the internet.
by: jff on 2009-08-19 22:43:13

Tim Berners-Lee was from the UK:

Nice job.

by: Andreas on 2009-07-18 21:58:27
Thank you U.S.A. for creating:
The talibans,
Saddam Hussain,

by: vhunter on 2009-07-17 10:36:34
@ well mannered bloke
Americans invented the Internet. Kiss our asses every day for not taking it back. Teenager's manners, eh? Last I checked, one mark of maturity is not making sweeping generalizations. If I had your brains and maturity (ironically which I am guessing are both at the level that you think Americans are) I would guess that your nation is a real sh*thole, but I will simply write you off as one idiot.

by: andrew on 2009-06-17 05:34:19
who cares about america? f**k them. obama is my bitch
by: well mannered bloke on 2009-04-25 05:09:01
half-breed Americans should be banned from every Internet site worldwide, they are habitual morons with teenagers manners & are normally just bordering 25 on the IQ scale
by: certainly not bill on 2009-04-02 11:49:42
thanks for participating in the online iq test, bill.

your iq score us is: 0 (lower than cheese.)

by: Bill on 2009-02-27 03:11:33
I hope we will Impeach Osama Bin Obama. He will not help us fix our bad economy. He all talk and no show. Wait until we get another 911 coming.
Thanks to Former President Bush for keeping America safe.

by: dirk on 2009-02-11 09:27:38
Thanks for this service, it�s nice to know who I am ;)
by: rh [admin]Site Admin on 2008-11-19 02:42:39
depends. this page shows all headers sent. some proxies do not include originating ip for anonymity. others may include headers such as X-Forwarded-For (XFF) or x-forward. otherwise no way to tell.
by: Infoct on 2008-11-17 15:47:25
The REMOTE_ADDR header does not show the actual browser IP address when hitting this site via a proxy server. Is there any technique for getting around this ?
by: Jenga on 2008-11-06 13:24:40
I love it! I will always check this place when I go hacking other peoples pages and fuck their forums.
by: roz on 2008-03-01 14:03:08
its good
by: Willy Maver on 2008-01-03 20:59:57
THis site rocks.
by: rh [admin]Site Admin on 2007-12-24 22:35:49
see here:

by: NotBlogSpam on 2007-12-14 13:07:16
how can a website tell that I am using a proxy server to filter my browsing ?
by: Saeed on 2007-11-21 06:55:54
I would like to modify this your script to my web template. Can u help in this regard?



by: VisionQuest on 2007-07-17 21:31:55
Fantastic site. It is very informative.
by: Zan on 2007-04-29 14:40:45
Wow! It could even detect that I was veiwing this info on my Wii.
by: Johnathan on 2007-02-03 07:09:55
Every IP address has a country code built into it
by: Binary on 2006-10-01 18:49:29
Wow, This is great stuff, it really brings out all the details about the user on the internet.

by: Mark Svensson on 2006-07-20 09:40:35
Thanks, great page, greetings from Poland
by: Housewares Online Store on 2006-04-12 21:42:36
Why I can not insert the image into my message?

by: Construction Tools Store on 2006-04-08 14:34:01
Good site. Me very much has liked.
by: rh [admin]Site Admin on 2005-12-25 04:01:25
the ip address of the remote host is cross- referenced with a database based on that of: and the result is displayed.
by: John on 2005-12-19 14:32:16
How do you detect what country the person is from? eg. "suggests that you are reaching this page from: UNITED STATES"

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