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All About Expired Domain Name Evaluations

More often, a nagging doubt may trouble and pester you regarding the real worth of an expired domain name. Many people who deal and get active with expired domain name usually ask a single question- How much is an expired domain name worth?; most of the forums and bulletin board that deal with expired domain names usually devote section just debate and discuss on this particular aspect. Sadly speaking, the most common answer that one finds in these forums is almost always: "Not so sure and not as much as we think!"- But, there is a lot more to this delicate question and there are plenty of answers as well!

Of late, several expired domain names have seen transactions worth more than 7 figure dollar value. Just take a look behind your shoulder and remember the sale of business.com domain; it seems that this particular transaction is worth as high as $7 million. This extraordinary developed also saw a fierce competition among expired domain name resellers to compete for very good domains. There is also an intense excitement in the resell market that borders on improbable expectations.

The essential principle of an expired domain name market is that people to tend to go for an expired domain, driven by the fact that there is a perceived dearth or paucity of good expired domain names. It is also a common fact that most of the medium and large companies keep looking for a domain name that ends with a .com extension. In reality, all memorable and possible combination of words that can make a domain name have already been taken up by industries and this phenomenon has ensured that the prices for good expired domain names can only go up. Another curious incident is that many expired domain names that are available in the reseller market are almost similar or look-alike.

There is also a general perception that a generic name is always good, and that they can always fetch better prices than a derived name; people believe that such names are easy to remember and recall. One more important factor that one must have a close look is the issue of commercialism of the industry that it relates to. When you try to buy and sell an expired domain name, ensure that you look for domains that relates to very hot industries like legal profession, internet marketing and parenting.

There is also another irony that symbolizes expired domain name industry. In fact, a majority of domains will never be able to fetch exorbitant prices. There is always a certain benchmark or quality levels within which one can expect to sell an expired domain name for a decent price. Demand for good expired domain names is quite relative and it will always work on the principle of perception, when a particular domain demanded by a person may not be preferable to the other. It also means that you may need some luck on your part to land a great expired domain name that can fetch thousands of dollars.

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