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Free Web Tools

Helpful tools to assist with various online tasks. Feel free to explore these tools safely. They will not interfere with your computer nor will they attempt to discover any private information about your computer. This means no surveillance of your computer or installation of any products whatsoever, such as spyware, trackware, or adware.

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  • HTML Form Submission Tool - This is a simple utility to place a any HTML form on a Web page and collect the submissions. No CGI scripting or special Web hosting. Simple HTML does it.

  • JavaScript Countdown/Count-up Timer/Clock - A simple JavaScript Countdown/Count-up Timer/Clock code that can be positioned on a Web page to count down or up the time (in real time) remaining to, or passed since, a desired target date and time.

  • JavaScript Web Page Commenting - Use this JavaScript service to allow visitors to read and post comments/feedback/messages on your Web pages.

  • JavaScript Visitor IP Address and Host Name - Place this simple JavaScript code on your Web pages. Your visitors will see their IP addresses and Host names displayed on your pages, indicating their point of access.

  • JavaScript Web Page Load Time - Place this simple JavaScript code on your Web pages. The load times of your Web pages, as experienced by the users, will be displayed at the bottom of those pages.

  • Email/String Encoder/CAPTCHA - Obscures emails and small-sized data strings. Stops spammers and robots from harvesting your email or data from a Web page and adding it to their lists. The email address or data is displayed as an image (CAPTCHA), making it difficult, if not impossible, for robots to extract or harvest them.

  • Hit counter - Also known as visitor counter or page counter, this tool will count the number of times a certain page or site is accessed and displays it on the Web page.

  • Probe - Displays information about your browser and your Internet address (IP address).

  • Reverse whois/rDNS - Also known as reverse DNS lookup (rDNS), it displays information about an IP address. It attempts to resolve an IP address to its known host name (PTR record) on the Internet.

  • Browser Simulator/emulator (Slurp), Source/Header Viewer - Reveals true content of a Web page, not how it displays on your browser. A great tool to discover hidden and cloaked content on Web pages and view their source code. Simulate Referer, User-Agent, Cookie, POST, and other values. An enhanced HTML viewer.
    Note: For the previous version of this tool, click Slurp Client. It's a client-based page and only runs in IE with full trust, but might be interesting to explore.

  • Whoami, My IP Address - what is my IP address? Who am I? An enhanced version of the probe tool. It attempts to discover and display a wide range of information about your computer on the Internet.

  • Whois - Displays information about specified domain name, DNS lookup, Domain owner lookup.

  • MX Lookup Domain Mail Server - Lookup the Mail Server DNS MX Records for a given domain.

  • Internet Port Scanner - Scans the TCP ports of a specified server or node on the Internet. Results of the port scan are displayed in a tabular format.

  • Search Engine Rankings - Queries major search engines such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo for desired terms or keywords and reports the rankings of a desired Web site in search engine results pages (SERP).

  • Page Load Timer - Measures the load time of a specified Web page URL from your browser and reports the results.

  • Atomic Clock/Current Time - Current exact Date and Time according to NIST ITS servers.
  • Short URL, Small URL - Short URL allows you to replace a long, complex URL with a tiny, portable one. It even allows you to choose your own URL path. Great for remembering long URLs such as those from search engines. Also great for emailing to others.

  • Atomic Fortune Teller - Ask a question and let the Atomic Fortune Teller give you the answer and a designated color based on the atomic clock.

  • JavaScript Thousand Separator, Decimal Number Formatter - Simple JavaScript function for numerical formatting. Formats decimal numbers by inserting separator characters at the thousands positions.

  • Generate Password - Simple password generator utility allows you to create strong random passwords with desired lengths.

  • Google/Yahoo Maps - Use this utility to display a location using Google maps or Yahoo maps or both. Both maps use AJAX for speed and can be zoomed and panned.

  • Ping - Use this online Web tool to ping a host on the Internet a number of times. Results of the ping are displayed.

  • Windows File Search Utility - Use this HTA utility to search for files based on partial names, keywords, and size. More flexible than the standard Windows Search facility.

  • HTML, URL, Decimal Encoding/Decoding - Encodes or decodes any text for HTML, URL, or Web page consumption.

  • Form Post Tester/Viewer - Test HTML forms by submitting to this page and viewing raw POST data. Save results to view or inspect later.

  • Web Scratchpad/Notepad/Clipboard - - Portable, Alterable Document. Store text online and read or modify from anywhere using a simple URL that you can share with anyone. No accounts or passwords required. You can also download and save the data or view as HTML.

  • JavaScript RSS/ATOM Web Widget - Create a JavaScript Web Widget on the fly from any site that has syndication feed. Support for RSS and ATOM. Embed the widget (a short JavaScript code block) in your Web pages. Customize to show links, publish dates and times, and summaries. Style as desired using CSS.

  • HTML/CSS Color Test - Use this utility to experiment with various foreground and background colors and see results on a block of text as you type.

  • Base64 Encoding/Decoding - Encodes or decodes given data using Base64. Base64 is used for MIME content transfer encoding among other uses.

  • QR Code Generator/Scanner - Generates a QR barcode image from any text. The barcode can be downloaded and used in web pages or print material. There's also a facility to scan QR codes and view their raw text.

  • Text Transform/Convert Capitalize - Transform or convert block of text/letters/characters. Capitalize, Upper Case, Lower Case.

  • Simple, one-page, printable calendar - Simple, one-page, printable year calendar.

  • Free Check Generator - Create realistic-looking checks and then type inside the various check fields.

  • Free GUID/UUID Generator - Generate GUID/UUID values with one click.

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