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Free QR Code Generator

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What is QR Code Generator?

QR code is a 2-dimensional barcode that was developed in 1994 and has become quite popular. Essentially a block of text is transformed into a square image of dots. Various scanners and barcode readers, including most modern smartphones such as Android and iPhone, can decode a QR barcode back to the original text. QR is an abbreviation of "Quick Response". More about QR code on Wikipedia.

This page allows you to generate a QR code from arbitrary text. The generated barcode can then be downloaded as an image file, or be referenced on this host. Note that the barcode image files on this server may be deleted after a period of time due to storage and bandwidth considerations.

Use the form to the right to generate a QR code image from a block of text. If you'd like to generate a QR code for Bitcoin payment, start the text with 'bitcoin:' followed by your Bitcoin address. The example Bitcoin address shown belongs to the operator of this site, so send it a few Satoshis if you are in a generous mood.

Credits: This tool utilizes the open source PHP QR Code. Thank you.

Enter some text and click on "Generate QR Code". The QR code image will be displayed below.

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