What are the free Web tools?
This is a collection of tools that at one time or another I wished I had at my disposal. They include stuff such a javascript countdown, email encoder, DNS lookup tools such as Whois, Reverse Whois, MX record, and IP address discovery, browser simulator, port scanner, search engine rankings, URL forwarding, web page commenting, and many more.
In my travails as a Web programmer I have often needed a certain tool to achieve a task, test a hunch, or deploy a utility. When I couldn't find one that'd fit the bill, I'd create it. Then I'd make it available for others to use for free.

  • Check out the free web tools here.

  • Why are the tools free? How is this site supported?
    If I were to charge for them, would you pay? I didn't think so. This site is my hobby and I get satisfaction from people all around the world using these tools to help them with their tasks.
    I fund this site from my own pocket (I do have a day job), and burning the midnight oil. There is advertising on the pages like the one just below. If you feel generous, there is a bitcoin address at the bottom of the page.

    What is "Financial Markets For The Rest Of Us" all about?
    "Financial Markets For The Rest Of Us" is a reference and tutorial book covering various financial markets in the USA and the rest of the world. The book comprises six major chapters covering the concepts of money, bonds, futures, stocks, options, and mutual funds. It cleverly illustrates the operation and interdependencies of these various markets, while keeping the language simple for everyone to follow. Numerous examples and references help the reader grasp the concepts with ease and stay interested. Beginner and intermediate-level investors will find this book an indispensable tool to learn about the financial markets and sharpen their financial knowledge and skills. This book is also an excellent financial markets reference for everyone. If you have ever wondered about how the financial markets operate, or you have ever felt overwhelmed by the complexities of the financial markets, this book is for you.

    Where can one order the book from?
    This book is sold online exclusively. Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and other online bookstores have it available now.

  • Amazon.com (amazon.com)
  • Barnes & Noble (bn.com)
  • Books-A-Million (bamm.com)
  • Google Books (Free)
  • Read Financial Markets Book online (Free)

  • Why is the site design so horrible?
    In the original Star Trek episodes, Dr. McCoy often used to say: I'm a doctor, not an engineer. Well, I am a programmer, not a designer. Nor am I artistic. This is the best I could come up with, given my limited design talent.

    My contact info?
    Click here.

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