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  • Trump campaign ran a Facebook ad implying he won the election, which is supposed to be against the company?s rules
    President Donald Trump's campaign appears to have a victory ad ready to go on Facebook.
  • Microsoft dips on weak revenue guidance
    Microsoft beat across the board but fell short on revenue guidance as it predicted enduring challenges on selling Office and Windows for business use.

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on essential industries. Farming, in particular, has had to maintain?and, in some cases, ramp up?operations to meet increased demands. Through the use of Salesforce?s customer relationship management (CRM) technology, Land O?Lakes was able to address logistics issues along its supply chains that resulted from the pandemic.

  • Chipmakers AMD and Nvidia are using skyrocketing stock prices to make industry's biggest acquisitions
    In a period of just over six weeks, two of the three largest semiconductor acquisitions ever have been announced, though regulatory risks remain.

  • In the face of COVID-19, we?ve changed how we interact with friends, families, colleagues ? and businesses. As our behavior has shifted, so has the data connected with it. Now your models may be producing atypical results.

  • Information silos and poor data quality can bedevil the delivery of topnotch customer experiences. Here's what to do about that.

  • Your business processes are your company?s habits ? repeatable behaviors that, over time, shape the DNA of every customer and employee experience.

  • CIOs are in the spotlight as the COVID-19 pandemic accelerates the pace and scale of change. there is an unprecedented urgency for them to drive business transformation and growth as companies adapt.

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