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JavaScript RSS/ATOM Newsfeed Widget

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  • What is the JavaScript RSS/ATOM Subscription FeedNewsfeed Widget?
    RSS/ATOM Newsfeed Widget is a small piece of JavaScript code you embed in your Web pages to display feed links syndicated by other sites.
    RSS or ATOM are different flavors of site syndication feeds, in XML format, used by many users to subscribe to a site's published content, such as articles or news. Many sites display this icon linked to their newsfeed page to signify availability of syndication feeds. Learn more about site syndication.
    Web widgets are small pieces of code placed on web pages to display content from a variety of sources. Some refer to the underlying technology as AJAX or Web 2.0 or Mashup. Learn more about web widgets.
  • How can I create a JavaScript RSS/ATOM Web Widget?
    Use the widget generator below to generate an RSS/ATOM Subscription Newsfeed Widget. Then copy and paste the JavaScript (<script>) block into a desired location on your web page. Then every time that page is visited, links from the syndicated site feed are also displayed in that location on the page. You can also customize the widget to show additional items such as publish date and a summary, if available from the site feed.
  • You can also use this page to validate, test, or check RSS/ATOM feeds from your site or other sites. This free utility also auto-discovers feeds from Web pages and displays their URL. Just input the Web page URL and see if it finds a feed URL.
  • NEW: There's now an option to open links in new windows, but popup blockers may zap them. Also, by popular demand, the small credit image at the bottom has been removed. You don't have to give this site any credit, but if you use this widget, it would be nice if you did.
  • Please respect copyright and usage policies of sites.

Widget Generator

Specify feed URL (usually denoted by on sites) and other fields below, then click "Get Widget" to get the JavaScript (<script>) block to embed in your web pages. Feed results will also be displayed below for your verification.

Feed URL:
Number of links to show:
Show publish date/time: (If available)
Links open in new window: (Popup blockers may interfere)
Length of summary in characters: (If available. Specify 0 for no summary, up to 500 max)

After widget code is generated, copy and paste to your Web page

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