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Reverse whois/Reverse DNS (rDNS)/IP Address Lookup/ASN/IPv4/IPv6

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What is reverse whois / reverse DNS (rDNS) / IP address lookup?
The reverse whois / reverse DNS lookup (rDNS) service, queries DNS servers for PTR records and attempts to discover the host and domain names associated with the specified IP address. It also attempts to discover the country and managing authority of the specified IP address via whois servers. In simple terms, it translates an IP address to the computer/host/domain name.

Submit the IP address and hit 'Reverse Whois/rDNS' to get the info. Reverse whois/rDNS/IP lookup will attempt to resolve the IP address to a known Internet host name. It will also produce some additional whois information and AS data.

  • To get information on a domain name, try whois
  • To lookup complete domain MX records, try MX lookup
  • To Ping an IP address or a host, try Ping
  • IPv4 or IPv6
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