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Whois - Domain owner Query, IP Address, DNS Lookup

Note: This service comes with NO GUARANTEES. No liability is assumed.

What is whois?
The whois service queries the whois databases managed by domain registrars and looks up relevant information about the owner, administrative, and technical contacts for a domain name. The whois utility on this page also queries DNS data for IP address and other information associated with domain zone records.
More on whois.

Type in the top-level domain name, then click 'Whois/DNS' to get the data. whois and DNS lookup dumps are displayed.
Enter the top-level domain name without www or other subdomains. For example,

  • To get information on an IP address, try Reverse whois/rDNS
  • To lookup complete domain MX records, try MX lookup
  • To Ping an IP address or a host, try Ping
  • Top-level Domain:
    Type in the code you see: No zero used [what's this?]

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