by Robert Hashemian

Atomic Fortune Teller and Crystal Ball

This service is free and comes with a money back guarantee.

Form your question such that it can be answered with a Yes or No.
e.g. Will I be rich by next year?

Your question:

What is the Atomic Fortune Teller?
Ask a question, concern, issue, anything that has befuddled you. The Atomic Fortune Teller (AFT) will consult the atomic clock in Colorado (NIST ITS), and pick an answer and a color based on the current atomic time. This part is guaranteed.
Your questions are not read nor stored anywhere. Your privacy is also guaranteed.

It is entirely up to you to trust the judgment of the atomic fortune teller. The atomic clock never lies, but its wisdom on life's matters is questionable. If you base your important decisions on it, you are almost certainly nuttier than I am who created this page.

But I digress...

Go ahead, ask a question and give it a spin. Anyways, if you don't like the answer or the color, you can spin as many times you want until you get it.
Good luck.

If you want to get the current atomic time go to the Atomic Clock.

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