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Windows File Search Utility - win-search


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  • Download win-search Updated: Oct 22, 2010

  • What is win-search?

    Searching for files in Windows has never been a smooth experience. The native Windows file search seems great on the surface, but it never seems to work quite as advertised, specially when searching for terms inside files.

    Windows File Search Utility This small and simple utility allows you to search for files based on various criteria including words or phrases inside files. It's a brute-forced search, and it does not work with Index Server as the standard Windows file search facility does, so it could take longer for it to accomplish its task, but it does deliver correct results every time. Click image to see full size.

    This is an HTA (HTML Application) utility, using regular HTML and JavaScript to do the work. The source code can be viewed with a plain text editor such as Notepad, so you can view the internal workings of this utility. You can run the utility with confidence as you would be able to inspect its source to check for malicious or unwanted code, although you can be assured that no utilities on this site are malicious nor they violate your privacy, unless stated as such. You can also modify or augment the code as desired to suit your personal taste.

    This is a beta version, so please be patient with bug fixes and additional features.

  • Download win-search Updated: Oct 22, 2010
  • * Your firewall or security settings blocking access to HTA files?
    Download the TXT version of win-search win-search.txt. Rename ".txt" to ".hta" after download is completed.

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