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MX Record Lookup, DNS A Record (IPv4), AAAA Record (IPv6), Domain Mail Server, MTA

What is the MX record?
Type in the email address or the domain name, then hit 'MX Lookup' to get the Mail Server/Exchanger info. Enter an email address or a domain name without the extra www or other host names (e.g. [email protected] or

  • Internet Email systems rely on DNS MX Records to transmit Emails between domains (known as zones in DNS jargon).
  • The MX Record in the host known as the Mail Exchanger (Mail Server) that is responsible for receiving the emails bound for that particular domain. Domains can have multiple MX Records, each normally specifying a different host with a priority level. Hosts with lower priority level are to be contacted first as emails are sent to the domain.
  • Email servers normally run a program known as MTA (mail transfer agent) that conforms to the SMTP protocol with port 25 as the default listening port between MTA's.
  • If a domain (zone) does not have a specified MX Record, the A Record (Address Record) for the zone is normally used as the Mail Server/Exchanger/MTA host.
  • This utility also displays A and AAAA records (IPv4 and IPv6 addresses) for the specified domain.
  • Need more DNS information on a domain? try whois
  • To get information on an IP address, try Reverse whois/rDNS
  • Want DNS information about your device? try whoami

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