by Robert Hashemian

Slurp Tool - Web Site (URL) Source and Headers Viewer

We recommend you use this newer version of Slurp.
It works with all browsers and doesn't need special security settings.

Specify the URL of the desired site and click slurp to view requested info.
*Requires Internet Explorer 5 or higher, enabled scripting, and MSXML2 installed.
*If you have more than minimum security on your Internet Explorer, you must also make this site a trusted site for this page to work. In Internet Explorer go to:
Tools->Internet Options->Security->Click on the green "Trusted Sites"->Sites->Uncheck "Require Server Verification",
then add // to the list.

*If you don't want to do that, download the source of this page and run it locally on your PC.


Show raw source
Show headers
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