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Sell Your E-book Online - Part 2

Sell Your E-book Online - Part 2

As I mentioned in part one, the best system to sell e-books online is through a single page website. Now that you have created an awe-inspiring and amazing headline, we can concentrate on other parts of your website for marketing information products.

It is not enough to list all the features of your amazing product. You must consider your customer, decide on the benefits of your product, and right with that in mind. As an example, your wedding e-book has many features - it is 67 pages long, it contains several interviews, it has a money back guarantee.

But what are the benefits for your customers? They want to have a beautiful wedding without spending all their cash. They want an economical way to splurge on a unique wedding.

Perhaps another example can help illustrate the difference between features and benefits.

Next time you're watching TV, pay attention to commercials for sports cars. They rarely tell you about features, like the type of fabric on the seats, or the CD players, or the undercoating. Instead, a middle-aged man cruises down a winding Oceanside Road looking very pleased with himself. Of course that's not reality. The benefit is the fantasy, which implies that this man is richer, more successful, and essentially just better than others because of the car he drives.

That is an extreme example. You don't have to go to these extremes, but you absolutely must explain the benefits of your e-book clearly. Your customers don't care about the book length or interviews. They only have one question: "How will this benefit me, making my life easier, my kids smarter, or my spouse better looking?" So, go ahead and list the features of your product. Just remember that it's the benefits which sell your product.

You should also include testimonials on your website. Include references from people who have read your e-book, used your ideas, and enjoyed great results. You should also include a moneyback guarantee - this will make your customers feel more secure when they buy your e-book. Last but not least, don't forget the "Buy It" button!


Stephen Beck teaches you how to write an ebook and create a "cash on demand" online business. Marketing information products has never been easier when you watch Steve's video.

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