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Send More Loyal Visitors To Your Website

Lots of ways exist to help you increase your website visitors. You can spend time, money and considerable effort getting variable results with many of them. Attempting various methods and studying the results has been a focus of mine. I'll review one of my favorites for you.

Offer something FREE to your visitors.

There is a high perceived value on the part of your visitor if you can provide them with useful information. Information has a high perceived-value and can truly change lives.

The first thing for you to overcome is a huge level of cautious mis-trust on the part of your visitor. Overcoming this hurdle is vital to the success of your venture.

Your approach is to locate, capture and share information of value. Searching on-line for valuable information is the most expedient way to go. It doesn't take much search time before you will be discovering subjects and information that folks want to know. Once you find the topics being sought-for, you will want to spend your time learning and writing about them.

One strategy you can employ is to share the information in the form of a multi-day mini-course that people can receive from you. You will find more success if you spend the time necessary to make this a high-quality gift. Taking time and effort now will pay off many times in the future. It costs much less than you might think to do this.

You will be offering to share this information in exchange for your visitor's name and e-mail address. The most efficient way to capture this information is with a 'squeeze-page' You'll use a basic website as the platform for your squeeze page.

Cost is the least of your considerations in getting quality work done these days. You can get your squeeze page up and running within minutes.

Please feel free to call me if you would like to learn how to get your own squeeze page activated right away. You can move things to auto-pilot function starting with these strategits.

Put some steady effort into these methods and you can end up with a profitablel list. Your efforts can become continually more rewarding all the time for all concerned as you move forward with this venture.

You can reach people around the entire world and provide them with value using your valuable products, services and information. Financial as well as emotional rewards can be yours in this process.

You can provide valuable and needed information for internet visitors before ever mentioning your website to them. You can provide good, free, valuable information with a variety of methods. Useful information presented well should be your focus as you move ahead.

Focus on the fact that your online target audience is seeking information. They are NOT there looking for an opportunity to pull out their credit card for you. No trust is a hurdle you will always have in any business. Giving away free information is a very direct way to establish trust. Valuable information can be found readily on the internet. You also likely have more information and knowledge of your own than you realize. There are many sources of information where you can find topics of interest to huge numbers of people.

The article should inform, educate and even enthuse the reader, but should NOT sell something. If you write a self-serving article that is really a sales promotion, it will be very transparent. You will have done more to alienate and push people away than to pull them close. The nearest you will come to sellling something is your resource box at the end of your articles. It will tell them who you are and give them a website address together what they can expect to gain by visiting it.

There is an amazing program I've seen recently that automates the task of article-writing. Among other features, it utilizes a 30,000 word thesaurus. Each word in the thesaurus is linked to 200 synonyms. Merging tables and blocks of words together with sophisticated software is the backbone behind this powerful tool. Science and industry now have the capacity to produce, publish and distribute articles to thousands of readers.

This is truly an invaluable tool for anyone in the internet marketing business for the long haul. Article writing and publication should be an ongoing part of your strategy. If you want more information on these useful tools (or anything else in this article), just contact me.

Casey Moher - [email protected] (801) 941-3334

Mr. Moher is a Registered Pharmacist and Life-Long Marketing and Sales Professional. You Can Get His Free Five-Day Mini-Course on Building Targeted Website Traffic by visiting: www.newtrafficmaster.com

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