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How To Generate A FLOOD Of Free Website Traffic

When I look back on my 12 years of being "an Internet marketer" one topic has earned me more money, and caused more online marketers incredible frustration, than any other.

That topic is actually getting visitors to your website and converting those visitors into customers.

The great fact is that without website visitors you really AREN'T in business.

This whole traffic generation "thing" is incredibly simple though. You just need to identify where a LOT of your ideal customers are, and then you need to be highly visible there.

Your website visitors, and future customers, find you by following links sprinkled across the web. So, the secret is to get your links in all the right places.

Since time is the most limited resource that most of us have, although some of us think that it's money, you have to do things in the most efficient manner. You need to get the greatest ROI on your time, and this is where a large percentage of marketers do things wrong. They spend all of their time doing things that produce very poor results.

The facts are:

1) Only a few search engines generate the majority of search engine traffic. So if you can get prominent front-page listings on those search engines you'll get your share of search engine traffic. If you can get numerous top-10 listings on the top search engines, your traffic from the search engines goes up exponentially.

Imagine for a second owning the top 10 positions at Google for your keyword. A random visitor searching on your keyword would have a hard time NOT clicking on one of your links.

2) Only a few top video sharing sites get the majority of traffic in most niches. That tells me that you need to focus on the top 20-30 sites when submitting videos.

3) Only a few top article sites generate lots of high quality traffic. This has proven true for me, and for many of my friends who generate six-figures per year JUST from "article marketing."

4) The major search engines give "extra points" to news sites, and things that they consider "news." That's why you'll often see the news sites at the top of the listing for your keywords.

That's also why you absolutely MUST be submitting press releases to those news sites.

Another reason is that your "clueless" competitors aren't noticing that the press releases and news sites often show up before the other search results.

The way to actually generate a flood of free, highly targeted, website traffic is to submit a lot of articles, press releases, videos, and podcasts to a lot of top-ranked sites. You want to submit so many, that when someone searches on your keywords it hard NOT to find an article, video, press release or MP3 podcast that's YOURS.

In case you haven't noticed, when you do a search at Google, and the other major search engines, the results are often a mixture of all of the above media. Google no longer returns just static html webpages in the organic search results. They know that traffic to video sharing sites is growing faster than about anywhere else, so they constantly crawl and index the video sharing sites.

You had noticed that - hadn't you?

The secret is that you need to submit a lot of content to all of these places in a high concentration. That's how you dominate the search results.

However, it's almost impossible to do that by hand.

Even if all you did all day long was visit article directories, or video submission sites, you could only submit to a few places in a day. It's just too tedious, which is why I personally use software to do it.

More correctly, I use an automated submission site.

I've used about 2-dozen different sites for submitting my videos, podcasts, articles, and press releases in the past. Today, I do 99% of my submissions through one site because it's cheaper, more efficient, and gets us the "concentrated firepower" that we need.

I use a site called "Easy Pushbutton Traffic." There are others out there. However, none of the others allow me to submit all four media (videos, audios, articles and press releases) in one place.

I don't have the inclination to learn numerous different interfaces, pay for numerous site memberships, and visit DOZENS of sites. Remember, time is our most limited resource.

Prior to discovering Easy Push Button Traffic, I actually HIRED people to submit my articles, videos, press releases, and podcasts. I'd create a video for example, and then I'd pass it to an assistant, and have him upload it to 20-30 sites (using an automated submission service that was just too confusing for me to figure out).

Today (as in this day), I'll submit several videos, several articles, several press releases, and several audios. I'll do it myself because I've set aside part of today just for doing that, but also because it's become FUN creating and submitting content, and then watching the increase in my search engine rankings that often happen in just a few hours.

Anyway, the secret to an amazing amount of free website traffic is "volume." You want to submit a lot of content in multiple mediums (since different people prefer their information in different formats) and it needs to be submitted in a high enough "concentration" to break through the clutter.

Now that you've confirmed the secret, a secret that you already knew intuitively, the only remaining question is "now what are you going to do with the information?" If you want to start seeing a lot of traffic, you'll take massive action TODAY, while you competitors aren't paying attention.

Willie Crawford has been marketing over the internet for 12 years. During that time, he has written over 1100 articles. Recently he has added multi-media and more press release to the mix, with very notable results. Willie now loves, and highly recommends Easy Pushbutton Traffic at: EasyPushButtonTraffic.info

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