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Everything You Wanted To Know About The GARMIN GPS NUVI 350

Everything You Wanted To Know About The GARMIN GPS NUVI 350 Ever found yourself lost trying to maneuver your way through downtown Ontario without a clue where you were? Or maybe you have taken one too many road trips that has landed you in an unknown destination... sure it's fun to not know your destination occasionally, but most of the time we are all in a hurry ' whether it is to be at a meeting, picking up the kids or trying to make a personal engagement with friends - maybe it's time to check out a new navigation system available to make your life a little easier.

One new product on the market destined to save you a lot of time and money navigating the streets alone is the GARMIN GPS NUVI 350. The NUVI 350 is not only an extremely stylish and slim lined navigation system it also has the ability to be an MP3 player, audio book player, JPEG picture viewer, clock with world time zone capabilities, currency converter, measurement converter, calculator and of course an anti theft device to deter anyone who might be interested in stealing this attractive addition to your car!

The NUVI 350 can be bought and used just about anywhere due to the preloaded City Navigator® NT street maps. Depending on your location for travel it is possible to insert a micro SD/SD data card with the designated country map to find your way happily out of any spot of bother you might find yourself in.

Some features of this hot little product include a 2.8" wide x 2.1" high screen with the total product size being 3.87" wide x 2.91" high. The screen features a nice QVGA color antiglare TFT with white backlight and also responds nicely to touch screen commands. The battery is a rechargeable lithium ion with 8 hours of life and can be continuously charged through the use of the vehicle power cable included in the NUVI 350 package. Further features include voice prompts, spoken street names, the options of either 2D or 3D map views, auto re route (fast off route options and recalculations for ETA), route setup (allowing you to achieve faster times, shorter distances and off road options), and route avoidance (if you are wanting to avoid tolls or freeways). Custom points of interest (POIs) is another strong feature which will alert you to when important town information is approaching such as safety cameras or school zones, ATMs, restaurants, and hotels.

Like all good technology these days the NUVI 350 is not just a navigation system and comes with additional accessories to boost your already highly efficient system including data cards, traffic receivers, accessory kits, adapters, antennas, cases and covers, memory, cables and mounts. Of all the accessories my favorite are the data cards which serve as travel and language guides. As the world seems to be getting smaller with regard to ease of travel, it seems a necessary option for technology to be able to be utilized in any part of the world. The SD data cards, relevant for the country you are traveling, can provide you with current travel information ' sites to visit, shops to wander through, and restaurants to eat in. The data is provided by Fodors who are one of the leading trip planning and information companies available. The language guides are equally as important as you visit new countries. The information is provided by Oxford University Press and contains comprehensive word and phrase banks and bilingual dictionaries! Global Positioning Systems (GPS) rely on a variety of satellites to assist you in figuring out where you are at any given time.

The one major benefit of buying an in-car GPS is so that you don't end up wasting time and money finding a location that should have ideally taken you perhaps only 20 minutes. The technology now available for these systems is getting better and better and the GARMIN GPS NUVI 350 is no exception, it is sitting comfortably in the market at the top of the range.

The GARMIN GPS NUVI 350 is also very competitively priced with the product having an average cost of $348.00 in the Canadian market. Although you will be able to find the NUVI 350 within most Canadian electronic stores the best way to quickly find this product and compare prices without visiting every shop in Canada is online.

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If you are wanting to find out more about the GARMIN GPS NUVI 350 please visit www.deal-eh.ca .

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