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2 Free Tools for Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a way for internet users to store, share and organize links to pages that they like and want to visit often. Many social bookmarking services provide web feeds and lists of the sites added, allowing other browsers access to content that they may not have found otherwise.

Social Bookmarking can be a great tool for promoting your blog or website. It allows you to get your link in front of more people faster. In many cases you can get indexed on Google in minutes by adding your link to the various bookmarking sites.

There are literally hundreds of bookmarking sites on the internet and more popping up all the time. When you start submitting to the bookmarking sites you'll find that many of them all use the same software, just as with Article Directories. This allows the easy proliferation of bookmarking sites while also making it easier to submit your blogs and articles to more sites.

One of the problems with using social bookmarking sites for web marketing is that it can be extremely time consuming to go to all the various sites and submit your work.

I'm going to present you with 2 tools that can make using social bookmarking sites much easier.

The first is RoboForm. It's not a social bookmarking tool. Rather it's an application that fills out web forms for you. You simply input your information in the fields and when you get to a form you'll just hit a button and RoboForm fills out the form automatically.

I've used Roboform almost daily for going on 3 years now. I'm sure that there are other form applications online which can probably do just as good a job, but so far it hasn't been worth the time that I'd have to spend researching them. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

You can download RoboForm for free at www.roboform.com

SocialMarker (www.socialmarker.com) is absolutely the fastest and easiest way that I've found to handle social bookmarking. You can add them to your bookmarks and then when you are on a page, your website for instance, that you want to bookmark all you have to do is click on their bookmark.

The SocialMarker page will pop up with most of the information you need already filled out on their form. Hit submit and you'll be taken one at a time through 47 of the most popular social bookmarking sites as well as Google. I have literally had my pages indexed in Google in minutes (something that other services charge a LOT of money for!) using SocialMarker.

The first time you use SocialMarker can be a bit time consuming because you'll have to go through and join all the bookmarking sites. That's where RoboForm comes in handy. RoboForm can save a LOT of time during this process. Altogether it took me about an hour to get the sites set up.

Once you are a member of the bookmarking sites, it only takes about 15 minutes to run through all of the sites and add your articles. This means that if you write 1 or 2 articles a week then you can start creating a steady stream of traffic back to your websites fairly quickly and easily.

I also want to point out that if you use YouTube to promote your business you can also combine it with SocialMarker! There are a couple different ways;

1. Embed the YouTube video on your website and then bookmark that page of your website. This has the added benefit of bringing people to your website where they can then proceed to sign up for your newsletters, buy your products, join your affiliate program, etc.

2. You can use SocialMarker to bookmark the actual YouTube page where people can watch your video at YouTube. You should also have the links back to your website/blog as well as information about what you do posted at your YouTube page.

Of those 2 strategies I vastly prefer #1, but it's nice to have option in case you can't embed the video for some reason.

Take some time to explore these 2 tools. I use them both literally everyday.


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