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The 3M's for a successful therapy/coaching business

The 3M's for a successful therapy/coaching business If you want clients flocking to you, it is crucial that you apply the 3M's. These are the market, the message and the medium. Let's take a quick look at all of them.

Your market: WHO If you find yourself put off by this word `market', think of it simply as who you are ideally wanting to have as your clients. For instance, if you offer massage, aromatherapy and reiki � who do you offer it to? Everyone? Or can you be more selective? It is much easier to reach the people you're really interested in if you know exactly who they are. So if you really like treating young mothers, or menopausal women, or stressed executives, then focus on them and you'll find the next `M' comes much easier to you. to find your 'who', ask yourself: Who have I loved working with most in the past? What are the links between the people I've most liked working with?

Your message: WHAT If you know who you want to reach, you'll be able to tailor your message to them accordingly. You can easily find out what are their most pressing needs are, and let them know that you can address these needs very specifically. What specific problems do they have and how can you help solve them? For instance, one problem young mothers might have is not enough time to themselves. So you can tailor your message to address this, perhaps even organising child care arrangements so the mother can take the time off. Stressed executives might not have any time to leave the office, so you can visit them instead. The `what' questions also include telling them what to do next � ie phone you, visit your website, place an order, sign up for a free gift, make an appointment.

Your medium: HOW This is about how you tell these people your message. Will you do it just through a flier? A well-placed brochure? Your website? Email broadcasts? Will you send letters or postcards? Or place adverts in areas where these people hang out? Will you get a spot on local radio or TV? Or hold open days or taster events? Also ask yourself what will motivate your prospective customers to act? What kind of words, colours, sounds, images etc will these people most respond to?

By defining WHO you want as your customers, WHAT it is you want to let them know about, and HOW you are going to tell them about it, you put yourself immediately into the top ten percent of successful professionals, simply because, believe it or not, most people haven't learnt to make the distinctions made here between the market, message and medium. Learn these, apply them, and you will be well on your way to success!

About the Author:

Jane Rogers shows you how to use the inner and outer tools of success to develop your coaching, therapy or other professional business. Want to learn about The 7 Biggest Business Mistakes made in this market? Sign up for her 21 page free report here www.richthinkers.co.uk

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