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5 "Special Report" Strategies For Online Lead Generation

5 "Special Report" Strategies For Online Lead Generation Effective lead generation begins with an exchange: you offer something of value in exchange for your prospect's contact information. Essentially, it's an enticement or "ethical bribe" meant to draw your prospects out of the woodwork.

The best kind of enticement is free, relevant information in the form of a "special report" your prospects will find valuable. There are several reasons why this is a great way to generate leads, but the best one is that it simply works. If done properly, it not only positions you as an expert, but pre-sells your products and services.

It's a great relationship-building tool that can be a valuable marketing asset to any business. Here are 5 strategies for implementing this system in your business...

1. The Whistle Blower Strategy. This strategy is most effective in industries known for bad practices. You have the opportunity to build trust by revealing what those bad practices are and how your prospect can avoid them. It perfectly positions you as the "honest" alternative without you overtly having to say you're honest. Here's an example: "The Top 10 Kitchen Remodeling Rip-Offs, Scams, & Bad Practices... And How To Avoid Them"

2. The Knight In Shining Armor Strategy. Here's where you solve a dire problem your prospect is having. This communicates you're a problem-solver and, if done properly, that you care about their problem. Ex., "7 Emergency Measures Small Business Owners Can Easily Implement To Survive The Recession In Style."

3. The Teacher Strategy. Quite simply, you explain how to do something. "How To" information will never go out of style. Offering a detailed "how to" communicates you are competent enough to teach others about your specialty. Ex., "How To Use Self-Hypnosis to Easily & Effortlessly Lose Weight & Keep It Off."

4. The Informant Strategy. This one can be a lot of fun. It's when you reveal something few people know about. This communicates exclusivity and access to "inside information." Ex., "The Internet Marketing Conspiracy: What The Gurus Won't Tell You About Where The REAL Money Is Made Online."

5. The Answer-Man Strategy. In this strategy, you simply answer commonly asked questions. This communicates you're the one with the answers. Ex., "What You Need To Know Before Declaring Bankruptcy: 9 Common Questions Answered."

Consider how each of these approaches could work for your business. Brainstorm various ideas on how you could not only create an effective information enticement, but position yourself exactly the way you would like your prospects to perceive you.

If done properly, you'll find it an effective way to generate leads, build a database, and establish a positive relationship with your market.

About the Author:

Joshua Aaron Stanley is a copywriter and marketing consultant who turns words into wealth by creating client-attracting marketing systems. To download his free special report, "5 Steps To Automated Lead Generation Online," visit www.AutomatedLeadsOnline.com

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