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Anonymous Offshore Corporations & The Bearer Share

Anonymous Offshore Corporations & The Bearer Share Panama Corporations are known world wide for being the most anonymous corporations in the world. There are many advantages to incorporating your offshore company in Panama. The company has strict privacy laws, easily accessible banks, they don't recognize tax evasion as a crime or participate in any tax treaties and a corporation can be set up within a matter of days.

Panama law allows an S.A. corporation or a bearer share corporation to be owned by the actual person with physical possession the of certificates of stock. There is no required record of ownership in any type of registry or database. The government of Panama does not even know who the owners of the bearer share corporation are. The law allows for the Nominee Directors to be hired and are they are considered employees and are not owners of the bearer share. However, the public registry does record their names. That is why most people hire people for their nominee directors in which they have no affiliation, because it helps further secure their anonymity.

Under a bearer share corporation, you can transfer the stock certificates easily and privately with no recorded proof of the sale that will link you to the transaction. Many people wonder what they can do with their bearer share corporation once it has been effectively set up.

In Panama a corporation can own its own bank accounts, have stock trading accounts, own real estate, have boats, planes, cars, art, jewelry, own other businesses, and many other valuable assets. This can all be done without anyone ever being able to prove who the true owner of all those things really is. In the eyes of the public it is all set up to belong to the bearer share corporation. Panama has very strong privileges of protected communication between an attorney and their client. There are many things that are also strategic that a lawyer can do for their client in Panama.

Regardless of where you go in the civilized world a bank will require a beneficial owner for any bank account that is opened. Identity documents are also required to open the account, but in Panama that is all covered their strict bank secrecy laws. These secrecy laws are largely recognized as the best in the world. In as little as two to three business days a Panama bearer share corporations can be incorporated when you are working with the right parties.

The exact particulars of a Panama bearer share corporation are not very complicated. The corporation may issue shares in physical form, but they don not have to be given a fixed value. The only publicly recorded documents are the initial articles of incorporation. Those documents list the officers and directors, which are the nominee directors that were selected and also the registered agent that was chosen. The person who actually owns everything on paper and in the eyes of the law would be the person who actually has the physical shares of the offshore company in their possession.

Many people leave the physical shares blank with no names on them for safety purposes. Ownership can be changed at anytime without any legal obligation to report any changes to the government. There is never any public record of who the actual owner of the corporation is. There are a few other ins and outs of owning a Panama bearer share corporation. The country has annual fees of three hundred dollars. They do not require any minimum amount of paid capital for a bearer share corporation in Panama.

It is not required to have board meetings for your bearer share corporation's share holders. Panama allows these corporations to keep their financial records wherever they wish to keep them in the world. Additionally, share certificates can be kept anywhere in the world and the location does not have to be listed or made apparent to anyone.

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