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The Best Qualities to Look For in an Employer

The Best Qualities to Look For in an Employer The best jobs are not necessarily the ones that pay the most or that are the most prestigious right at this very moment. You've got to look down the road a ways and see what the future is like in that particular industry and job role. Things are always changing, and the hot job of the moment could dwindle in desirability a few months or years from now. If you want stability and security, you should think long and hard about what you ought to be looking for in an ideal employer.

A great employer is one that looks like it is going to keep growing in future, getting stronger and more fiscally robust. You don't want to get involved with a losing proposition, so always consider the financial health of the company you're applying to. How can you learn more about the finances of particular companies? You can start by looking to magazines like Forbes and Fortune to see what companies are "hot" and which are "cool," who's making money and who's losing it. There are also plenty of useful resources on the web; just do some internet searching to turn up relevant information.

A good employer is also one who gives you ample opportunity for growth and development, both in your job role as well as in high-level positions that are on the same career track. Before you apply check to make sure that the company you're thinking of working at will give you the chance to grow and improve as an employee. You probably don't want to be at the same level for the rest of your career, so look at the company's track record for promoting people in-house and allowing people to rise up to high-level management positions, etc.

You'll also want to think about any significant perks that may be offered by the company, such as benefits, sizeable vacation packages, and so on. Companies that don't offer perks can still be all right for certain jobseekers, but most of us need benefits packages that include health, dental and insurance policies. Depending on your situation, this may be something to think about prior to applying.

Finally, an ideal company for you is one that matches your interests and that will utilize the best aspects of your personality and skill set. Don't apply to an employer whose morals, integrity, character and culture are incredibly different from your own, as you will be likelier to be unhappy there. Rather, go for companies that seem well suited to your sensibilities—this will go a long way toward ensuring that you are happy in your job now as well as many years into the future.

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