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The BIG Secret to Creating Wealth and How to Take Action While Not Be a Statistic

The BIG Secret to Creating Wealth and How to Take Action While Not Be a Statistic - The Big Secret to Creating Wealth -

The big secret really isn't a secret. Many of you will read this big secret and think to yourself, "Of course! I know that! Tell me something I don't know!"

The big secret to creating wealth is...take action now!

If you did something every day to positively impact your wealth, how much wealth could you build in the next 30 days? In the next 60 days? In the next year?

And while many people know this big secret, very few actually follow it.

Only 83 Days Left

There are only 83 days left in 2008 (at the time this article was written). What will you do in these 83 days to build permanent wealth?

Does This Look Like Your Plan to Create Wealth?

When I meet with a new wealth coaching client, this is what their plan to create wealth typically looks like:

They spend most of their time at work. They go to work in hopes they can "get ahead." They spend 8, 10, or even 12 hours each day working hard for money. They spent anywhere from 12 to 20 years or more in school preparing for their profession.

And yet, the bottom line is they are not ahead at all. They may have a few dollars set aside for a rainy day, and have an investment here and there, but they aren't creating any lasting wealth or making significant strides towards their dream retirement...even though they are working hard enough that they deserve to create some wealth!

My job is to put them on the right path to creating wealth - one that creates lasting wealth - and I am able to do that because they have taken action. And with the right path to follow, they will continue to take action.

Most people are pleased to learn that taking action doesn't always mean working hard for their money. Wealth creation is not simply a matter of hard work. It's a matter of knowing how to make money. That's why a major part of wealth coaching includes increasing knowledge about how to make money. Are You Ready to Take Action?

- Are You A Statistic? -

While many people know this big secret, very few actually follow it.

I have been speaking at several seminars lately. The people I'm presenting to are people who have chosen to be there and have often paid hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to be there. Yet, the statistics are shocking about who actually takes action and does something to change their financial position!

Less than 5% of people who attend educational seminars actually take action.

It's not just seminar related, less than 8% of those who set new years resolutions actually achieve them.

Will you fall into the minority that takes action now or will you fall into the majority and put it on the back burner?

Simple But Not Easy!

The concepts of creating wealth can be simple to understand - I've been working at it for years to take complex strategies and concepts and break them into understandable and manageable pieces. But actually taking the action to bring those concepts into your world is not always easy.

Earlier I challenged you to take action with the 83 days left in 2008 and come up with your action plan to build wealth. This is an example of a simple concept to understand, but not necessarily easy to do.

Did you come up with an action plan? If you did, congratulations, you are in the small percentage of people who jump in and take action.

If you didn't come up with an action plan, think about what it was that kept you from doing it. Was it:

- Had no time - Too busy with family - Dealing with a big deadline at work - Simply forgot - Didn't read that part of the email - Tried but got distracted - Tried but didn't know where to start

When I first started my fitness program, I wasn't able to come up with my action plan on my own. I knew I wanted to increase my fitness level, and I had an idea about what my fitness goals were, but I just didn't know how to go about putting a plan together to get me there. That's where my fitness coach came in - I went to the expert to show me the way and now it's more than a year later and I'm still amazed at how far I have come. My results are so much better than if I tried to do it on my own. I didn't even think some of my results were possible when I first started!

Are You Ready to Take Action?

About the Author:

Tom Wheelwright is not only the founder and CEO of Provision, but he is the creative force behind Provision Wealth Strategists. In addition to his management responsibilities, Tom likes to coach clients on wealth, business, and tax strategies. Along with his frequent seminars on these strategies, Tom is an adjunct professor in the Masters of Tax program at Arizona State University. For more information, visit www.provisionwealth.com

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