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Blue Autumn, Uniforms, and the Work Study.

Blue Autumn, Uniforms, and the Work Study. Having trained in the area of management service and Industrial Management, I have always ensured that Blue Autumn adheres to the principles of work study throughout its uniform manufacturing business, thus ensuring greater productivity.

What is Work Study ?

This is a term used to embrace the techniques of method study and work measurement. It is an analytical approach to the problems of productivity in order to obtain immediate improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of working. It aims at:

The most effective use of machinery ( plant )

The most effective use of labour

Ensuring the proper performance of employees

The principle purpose is to obtain the true facts ( Not Opinions) about a work situation and to use them as a means to improvement. It is applicable, in one form or another, to any situation where work is performed. - It's all about work improvement '

Thid is largely common sense, but it is - ordered - common sense, the application of which in our uniform manufacturing business tends to become a matter of routine rather than one of inspiration.

This is a tool of management and must be considered as part of the normal process of management. The responsibility rests with line, or production management even though its techniques may be carried out by a functional department. Detailed application of work study has tended to become a specialist function because the day to day task of management is sufficiently onerous, but the presence of a specialist unit does not exonerate management for failure to use it.

The application of work study is a continuous process, but each particular problem will require different treatment, and the techniques are necessarily flexible.

The Work Study Department

This is a specialist department within most textile organisation. With the primary aims and duties of:-

Breaking the garment down into operations and processes. For example in a nurses uniform, the tunic is broken down into around 20 smaller jobs or processes which are required to be performed in order to produce a nurses tunic.

Ensuring correct methods are installed and adhered to in each of these operations. This can be done by ensuring the operators workstation are correctly laid out, with the primary aim of reduced handling , minimal movement and as much sewing time as possible. i.e. ( The garment should spend more time at the needle than being handled).

Ensuring where piece rate is used that correct rates for jobs are set. These can be set using the traditional stop watch or GSD study.

Ensuring the production line is balanced in accordance with the rates set, thus ensuring work flow

Ensuring fairness to the employee and respecting the employer.

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