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Boise Idaho Real Estate - 5 Secrets

Boise Idaho Real Estate - 5 Secrets When you are ready to make a move to or within the Boise Idaho real estate market, you are making a decision that could effect the rest of your life. Buying a house is a very important decision and it is probably the biggest investment that you will make. Even though the average time that someone lives in a house in the Boise area is at about 5 years, there is still a fairly good change that you could be there for 20 or more years. Making the right decision based on the correct information is crucial if you do not want to lose out on thousands of equity.

There are 5 Boise Idaho real estate secrets that you need to implement to make sure that you are buying right.

1. Best House Best Subdivision - All over the Treasure Valley, you will find subdivisions after subdivisions, but which one do you buy in? Two Rivers in Eagle, Highlands in Boise, Tuscany in Meridian? I always tell my clients to purchase in the best subdivision in your price range that will hold it's value or increase in value the best. That means that we are looking a the amenities of the subdivisions, location to I-84, convience for shopping, lot size, and more. If you end up paying a bit more for the best subdivision that you can afford, it is well worth it in the long run. Many subdivisions in the Boise Idaho real estate market offer amenities such as swimming pools, parks, basketball, and playgrounds. Some of the new planned communities also offer horse riding trails and fitness centers.

2. Don't Fall In Love - Time after time I see people "fall in love" with that one house even though it may not be in the prime location or area. Always revert back to secret #1 when buying because location, location, location is not an overstatement. If that "perfect" house is in a not so desirable Boise Idaho real estate subdivision, it is time to move on. Once you move in, you can make that house your home with your own decor.

3. Where Is The Kitchen - Another part of your resale value and investment value is going to be based on what type of floorplan you go with. Each market around the nation is different and the Boise Idaho real estate market really has some things you want to watch for. Does it have high ceilings, master on the main level, bonus room, lots of stairs, or a small kitchen? These things do make a huge difference so make sure to get with your buyer's agent and see what is popular now and know where the trends are going.

4. Don't Buy The Furniture - Buyers have a hard time buying vacant homes for what they are worth and paying too much for homes that are clean and staged. You have to picture every home that you see with your furniture and lifestyle built in. It can be a hard task, but I have seen people pay $30,000 extra for a well staged home and pass up on a great deal on a vacant home. There are a lot of new construction homes available right now in the Boise Idaho real estate market, so don't be fooled by the lavish decor.

5. Offer Lower, But Not Too Low - What is the market value of the home? That is what we are trying to find after all, right? If you know what the Boise Idaho real estate market value is, you can determine what you offer is. A couple recently purchased a home in Boise that was $25,000 overpriced, but since they got the owners to come down $10,000 they felt good about the purchase. Another buyer in Eagle, ID recently offered on a house that was priced $40,000 below market value, but since they owner wouldn't budge on price, the deal fell apart and the buyer lost out big. Check with your experienced agent on the Boise Idaho real estate market statistics.

About the Author:

Ben Janke has written a book on the secrets of the Boise Idaho real estate market that you can download for free. Go to www.vizionsrealestate.com/boise-idaho-real-estate-5-s ecrets to get your copy today while supplies last. One buyer saved $27k from one tip in the book.

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