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Building MLM Downlines - Isn't that my Upline's job?

Building MLM Downlines - Isn't that my Upline's job? Building MLM Downlines and the whole area of MLM lead generation is very much your job. But your upline will take great interest in your online MLM success for many reasons. It's worth remembering that if you learn techniques for MLM lead generation online, then you'll pop up on your upline's radar as a 'star in the making', and all of a sudden your MLM success will offer great opportunities to your own upline as well as to you. So although you should make building MLM downlines your responsibility, your upline will reward you with more than just verbal encouragement if you can achieve MLM success online.

I remember in the nineties that my MLM opportunity at the time encouraged us all to be building MLM downlines 'wide'. This meant having as many 'legs' of our business as possible. This could of course be very profitable and worked so long as some of those seeds germinated. What was often a barrier to lasting MLM success though was the fall-out rate. You may well remember that feeling of spinning plates! It's a fact that many people seeking MLM success will drop out if they don't see 'results' within a week or so. The 'something for nothing' mindset survives all economic cycles, and these same people become the hysterical MLM detractors of the future. 'I was in that thing and it didn't work'. Ever heard that before?!

But let's face it we do have to start building MLM downlines at some point or all we'll have is a talking shop. Having a star upline team behind you is very important in that 'multi-level' or 'network' marketing claims rightly to be your own business though you're never 'on your own'. Find someone upline who's upbeat, creating results, and is someone whom you can work with. It doesn't have to be your sponsor. They might quit next week! You can draw a lot of support and knowledge from this 'star team' behind you. Whilst that's important though, all the moral support in the world won't pay as well as active distributors in your downline. To achieve that, you're going to need to create MLM success 'on autopilot' with your own MLM lead generation system. Most importantly, you don't need anyone in your upline to make this happen.

Today there are many resources available to help you achieve online MLM success, and it's your responsibility as well as your exciting opportunity to become a student of MLM lead generation online. If your upline is enlightened, they will encourage your pioneering efforts, and will gladly take advice in areas where it's you that has the extra knowledge. In this respect, building MLM downlines can become more of a collaboration of equals rather than the 'this is how we always do it' mindset which has lead to MLM's 'cult' label in the eyes of many on the outside.

In the past, our upline has been the main fount of knowledge for us, and these days they are still a great support resource. Let's not forget the golden rule of this industry, that of 'building success on the success of others.' But if our upline is not able to give advice on autoresponders, one time offers, funded proposals and traffic exchanges, does that mean those avenues are closed to us? Far from it. In this 'brave new world' of MLM lead generation online, we have total latitude to pursue MLM success through twenty first century technology.

So is building MLM downlines something we're stuck with battling away at unaided? No. Put yourself in your upline's position for a moment. Someone in your group, perhaps several levels down, has 'struck oil' with an online MLM lead generation system that is pouring distributors in on autopilot. You are sponsoring people too but are aware that new distributors can fall away quickly. Now that most companies agree that lasting MLM success is better achieved by building three or four 'deep legs' than twenty or so shallow ones, where would be the best part of your group to place those new people? Exactly! Underneath that person several levels down who keeps putting distributors in!

There's more. If you learn an MLM lead generation system, build your own list that's yours and not your company's, and have several of your upline routinely placing new distributors under you to catch the 'wave' of your MLM success online, then you have an endless stream of prospects who would be very hot for all the online business tools that you've been using for building MLM downlines in the first place. You can eaarn affiliate commissions on all those sales. Everyone wants what works. You'll be what works. You'll be the star of your star team!

So by building MLM downlines that are productive, by capturing the contact details of twenty business builders who don't want your opportunity for every one that does, and by building your MLM success with an online MLM lead genearation system that works on autopilot, you'll be amazed at how attractive you become to your upline. The tools are out there. The next bit's up to you.

About the Author:

Alun Maxwell helps many online network marketers with their online strategies via his 'MLM Online Strategies' newsletter, containing links to quality paid and free resources. A freelance roleplayer, he is engaged by many blue chip companies to help their executives understand the impact of their behaviours on others. www.Building-MLM-Downlines.com www.uVme-Star-Team.com (Both with free downloadable report)

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